The Cave Of Adullam Working Through Emotional Barriers


The Cave Of Adullam Working Through Emotional Barriers

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[The Cave Of Adullam Working Through Emotional Barriers]

You’re pulling…

Punch all the way through. When you feel the pain, go all the way through that could be a barrier in life or anything…

Punch harder. You’re not punching hard enough. Punch through it! You feel pain?

Yes sir.

Shake that off… let’s go.

That’s what this is about… good… let’s get to that.

Why are you crying? That’s what this is about son… It’s okay to cry. We cry as men. Why are you crying, son? Come on. Tell me, why are you crying? It’s called a test for a reason… but why are you crying? Go ahead son… Because what?

Because it is hard to punch through with my left hand.

Okay good… but you did it though. You punched through it with you left before. You know in life there’s going to be things… harder for you to do than other things?

Yes sir.

And do you know those things that may appear to be… hard to do…you’re going to have to do as a man regardless? And its going to take tears… It’s going to take the blood of Yahshua (Jesus) and your sweat (diligence) to break through it.

Do you understand?

Yes sir.

So I don’t mind you crying…

I cry [a lot] too. [You know what I’m saying] You understand? [Alright] So I want you to just to… You’re pulling your blow. I don’t know if you’re facing fear… or you feeling that you may not make it. And we all face that from time to time. [And we face –] As soon as we hit resistance… we want to stop right? Because it’s hurting, we feel that pain and be like… I’m not going through this no more, right?

Yes sir.

But we have to… fight through it as men. Because it’s going to be very painful. Do you understand?

Yes sir!

Being a black man in this country… You’re going to need mental fortitude. You’re going to have to be strong here more so than here. You understand?

Yes sir!

You can do it. You just gotta put your mind to it. And it’s good to cry… so you can work through that emotion. So when it arise again… you can push it to the side and do what you gotta do. You understand?

Yes sir.

Good. Let’s see what you got.

Bend your knees and dig… Hard. Teruwah hard as you can. Always dig deeper. You may not be able to break that habit or whatever the first time. Keep fighting, keep going through it. That’s where you’re going. You understand?

Yes sir!

Good job!

Zeus, do your knuckles, go ahead. Keep going. (laughs) Chest down. 12, 13, your the one who choose the knuckles, 15, 16, 17 good… good… uh um… uh um… good… take a break, that’s how we do … this is what it is being a father.

Am I doing fifty for real?

You got it. You got it.

Come on, big boy!

You gotta dig deep. Being a black father is a challenge right?


Yeah. So this ain’t gone be easy. Wait until he gets 16. You ready? Dig! Dig! Dig! This is for you – you my man. Put your knees down.

So when times get tough. This is just the enemy stinging you. I want you to block your mind out… because things are going to happen when you’re raising your son. So block the pain out.

I always push certain men a little further… and you’ve been like a role model Dad and I mean like major. You bring him everyday… not missing… and… supporting the Cave…and how you take him to rallys and all that… it doesn’t go unnoticed brother. So I salute you… for being that type of father. It’s an honor to have you.

Respect. Respect.

Give Bruce a hand, he passed. Good job Bruce.



The Cave Of Adullam Working Through Emotional Barriers

The Cave Of Adullam Working Through Emotional Barriers

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