The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA


The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA

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[The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA]

Norfolk is one of the places you will see The Black Widow and he always keeps pepper spray and this baton on him, in case he needs to help someone during an emergency. But he says fighting crime is just part of a bigger goal he’s trying to accomplish.

So the key thing is just be yourself.

Whether he’s running up a building or a jumping over stairs it’s hard to ignore Norfolk’s self-proclaimed Black Widow.

Everybody ready?

Uh huh!

When he’s not taking pictures with fans, the masked superhero is usually out honing in on his fighting skills or beating up bad guys.

Matsuda Yuuma: Source:
I stopped fights in some of the bars around here. I stopped car hijackings in like dormant areas. Monday on January 9th I stopped a woman from being assaulted by a guy.

A trained black belt, he goes by the goes by the alias Matsuda Yuuma. The Black Widow came to life two years ago after Yuuma bitten by a spider.

Matsuda Yuuma:
I’m just being basically being myself, I’m just a regular guy in a suit.

21-year-old says he is not a hero or vigilante he only wants to protect the place he calls home.

Matsuda Yuuma:
I’m here to you know just to provide and help my community, however impossible. Help out the homeless, make sure you know say nobody doing anything wrong. And for the most part, teaching others to be free and be themselves.

But getting here hasn’t been easy.

Matsuda Yuuma:
I was bullied because I was different. I wasn’t like everybody else. If you’re different you know what I’m saying: then you’re pretty much outcast.

When not saving the city, Yuuma works in a restaurant and as a DJ. He helps overcoming his daily fears will inspire you to find your inner power.

Matsuda Yuuma:
Don’t let certain risks stop you from pursuing your dreams.

With all the attention he is now getting The Black Widow hopes. Everyone really follows his message, of being them self. He says that’s one of the best ways for us to all to come together. In Norfolk, Brian Hill, News Story.

The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA

The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA

The Black Widow Defends Norfolk VA. Don’t let certain risks stop you from pursuing your dreams. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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