The Best Way Of Opening A Pomegranate


The Best Way Of Opening A Pomegranate

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[The Best Way Of Opening A Pomegranate]

What we need to understand about a pomegranate is that it’s a fruit that has chambers.

So to open it properly without cutting every seed, you can’t cut it like this. This is a wrong cutting.

So what you need is to scalp it like an Indian way of (you know) human being.

You scalp it at the edge, the top. All right, so you remove the cover. Now, you see – you can remove this a little yellow part. Now, you see all these lines. One, two, three, four, five, six, and it varies by the size of each pomegranate.

So you slice it a little bit here, cut it on each line downward all the way to the bottom and now it’s ready.

So what you do is you press it from the center, we have to cut down, we need to cut it well enough too, you know penetrate the skin and pull it out.

So this way you will have each chamber independently. You take it off, peel it like this, and you can eat it. That’s how you eat pomegranate. It’s delicious.

If you want to be super sweet and make all the seeds in one plate and give it to your beloved. You just flip it over in your hand like this, pick up the knife and if you are careful with the knife, don’t cut yourself. You hit it, on the top, so all these seeds will fall into your hand or into the plate. Hit it until all of them have fallen.

Okay. That’s the most efficient way.

The Best Way Of Opening A Pomegranate

The Best Way Of Opening A Pomegranate

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