The Anthony Cumia Show SNL Blatantly Rips Off Canadian Sketch Show


The Anthony Cumia Show SNL Blatantly Rips Off Canadian Sketch Show

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[The Anthony Cumia Show SNL Blatantly Rips Off Canadian Sketch Show]

[Anthony Cumia:] Source:
Uh… over the years SNL has been accused of stealing other people’s ideas. Who have they been accused by Opie and Anthony and Jimmy. We’ve come up with some things and they’ve used it, but you usually say it’s kind of parallel thinking. That’s a good excuse. There is parallel thinking and then there is blatantly stealing somebody’s material. Parallel thinking would be, you know, you can watch George Carlin doing a bit about something that you might have thought of yourself beforehand when you are doing observational humor. There is a lot of parallel thinking. And then there is some blatantly ripping things off like what’s his name that fat Mexican,


Carlos Mencia, you don’t think – why is he booked?


[Anthony Cumia:]
Oops. Yeah, everybody says Carlos stole their material, I don’t know. I don’t know. Never stole anything of mine. Joe Rogan I think says, Carlos was always in the back of their club just fucking. Oh, that’s good. Yes, a beaner, I’ll just say a beaner did it and then it’s cool.

[Anthony Cumia:]
Well, this is a bet that was done on a Canadian show. Very clever, one thing I think SNL should have ripped off from it is its length because they get to the joke. The jokes effective and then they leave. I don’t know why SNL decides to stretch the whole thing out. But this is a funny little thing from a win, lose, or draw parody, check it out from Canada.

[22 Minutes Win Lose Or Draw Muhammad]

Draw folks. I’m your host Dean Thompson. And today, we are here with Rodham Mary Taylor. Before the break, Ron, you successfully guessed that Mary drew a puppy and for that you two were taking home $750. And guess what, you guys – oh, do you hear that noise? You two have been selected to play the super duper bonus round for $1 million! Yes, that’s right!

That is unbelievable.

Okay, so, Ron, get on up here.

Come on Ron, come on, Ron.

Pick up that marker. And for this last round go ahead, Ron, put your earpiece and.

Get it in there, Ron, Get it in.

And just so everybody knows at home, he is the only one who can hear the prompt in this entire room for $1 million. Let’s hear your word.

Please draw Muhammad.

What is it Ron?

“That’s fucking funny, man.”

I don’t, I – could they repeat the word please?

Sure, go ahead director.

Please draw Muhammad.
What is it Ron?
I don’t. I – could they repeat the word please?
Sure, go ahead director.
Please draw Muhammad.
Okay, Ron, $1 million Ron.
$1 million Ron, just go ahead.
Please, please don’t make me do this…
$1 million…
Please… please…
Write on here.
Go ahead Ron, $1 million Ron.
$1 million, Ron, $1 million…
Go ahead…
Am I allowed to pass?
You have to draw, you have to draw on the thing, it’s for $1 million, Ron.
Okay, what is it, Ron?

$1 million.

What is it, Ron? Come on honey.

I can’t draw this.


Yes, he did it. You have won $1 million, Ron. I’m really congratulating.

[Anthony Cumia:] Source:
Very good, right. Bravo, watch 22 minutes. There you go. Now, here is what aired on Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Live. Oh, boy.

Now, it’s time to play Picture Perfect.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Welcome to Picture Perfect. We have some terrific players here ready to draw their way to victory and our $1 million grand prize. To my left, we have Michael and Michelle Fulton. And their celebrity teammate she is the co-host of the view, it’s Rosie Perez.

[Cecily Strong (as Rosie Perez):]
Yeah, I want to draw some pictures.

You sure are Rosie. And over here from Rosetta, we got Daniel and Tara Hoffman.

Wooo hoooo…. [Hoff-ence].

And you might remember their celebrity teammate as Carl Winslow from TV Family Matters, Reginald VelJohnson. Hey, Reg, where’s Urkel?

Move on!

You got it, bud remember, if you get stuck halfway through, you can hand the pen off to a team mate. Futons’ show them how it’s done. All right, here we go.

[Anthony Cumia:]
SNL has just got to fucking, just got to fucking, stretch it out…

Now, your category is at the movies. And here is what you would draw.

Got it, all right.

Clocks ready, go.

[Anthony Cumia:] Source:
I guess they think got if they stretched it out. People wouldn’t notice that’s a direct rip off of the other show.

[Gone girl]

Move on – it’s a girl, that she gone.

Oh…oh..oh… gone girl.


Wow, okay. Oh, oh, oh, oh, excuse me. I hope that all not that easy, right. Hoffman’s you are up, get up here, Daniel. Come on Daniel, Daniel. Tell me how you are feeling?

Well, I took a drawing class in college. So I think I’m going to be just fine.


Hey, Daniel.

Oh, love, support, confidence. I like it.

[Anthony Cumia:]
I feel bad as he is such a big fan of the show. He really is.

Your category is trend setters and here is what you will be drawing today.

Oh right.

[The Prophet Muhammad]

[Anthony Cumia:] Source:
It’s the same bit, it’s the same bit.


You are ready to go Daniel?

No. No…

Okay, go ahead, put time on the clock.

No, wait.

Here you go.


Come on honey, you can draw it.

I can’t, I don’t think I can, maybe pass.

You cannot pass.


Come on just draw something dude.

Daniel, it’s a $1 million, whoever it is, just draw the face.

I don’t.

Draw his face Daniel.

[Anthony Cumia (Background Voice Man):]
How did she know that it was a face or him?

No, I don’t want it, I want to go home.

Oh, that sound means it’s the halfway beeper.


[Anthony Cumia:]
Ya, it’s good to know.

Now remember Daniel if you want, you can trade with the team mate.

No, I want to trade, I want to trade…

Okay, that’s Reginald…

I can’t wait it’s the back time. You want to see how it’s done, fine. Let me just read the clue.

Oh, I dropped my pen.

All right, while we get Reginald, there is a reminder, if you don’t win the million dollar price, we do subtract a million dollars from the Hoffman’s bank account.

[Background Voice (Man):] Source:
What was funny about that? He is so unfunny.

[Anthony Cumia:]
Yeah, he is unfunny.


Come on, Reginald, you can do it, take the pen.

Not doing it.

You can do it.

Not doing it.

Urkel would do it.

All right, give me the pen.

Oh, I’m sorry that’s time. Tara, your final guess what did they draw?

I don’t know, The Prophet Muhammad.

Oh my goodness. That is correct. Wow, wow, wow, wow. Again the takeaway is these two men drew The Prophet Muhammad. He said we draw nothing.

[Anthony Cumia:]
And it wasn’t even time as clever as the other one saying ‘I can’t, I can’t draw that.’

Of course, we know and they are coming for me.

You bet, they already know, they’re coming. For more Picture Perfect right after this.

[Anthony Cumia:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
There you go. That’s was a blatant rip off of that other bit. I wonder what they do like, like does, does Lorne [Michaels] get all mad at them, bringing them, bits from other shows. I don’t know. It’s happens, it’s happened in the past.

The Anthony Cumia Show SNL Blatantly Rips Off Canadian Sketch Show

The Anthony Cumia Show SNL Blatantly Rips Off Canadian Sketch Show

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