That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point


That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point

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[That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point]

[Woman (Narrated By Robbery Victim):] Source:
Okay in a couple of seconds, you’ll see the guy walk in on this camera look right here you can see him, with his gun.

Here he is coming in the front door and here he is pointing at me telling me to get down and I’m like, ‘Uh, fuck, what do I do?’ I’m here but you can’t see me, right now he is still pointing at me. He says: ‘get the money from me.’ I’m like ‘okay, all right, I’m going.’ And he is like ‘yes, just do it.’ And that’s all, ‘just do it.’

And I’m like ‘okay’, all right I’m going to get this really slowly for you – here is the change drawer. I just gave him the change drawer, he’s like, ‘Thanks!’

I’m gonna point my gun at you again, ‘brrrrr!’ ‘Don’t try anything’. And I’m like, ‘all right, you want me to get a bag, I’ll put it in the bag for you’ and let me press this button, this police button, yeah, yeah, press this police button. But don’t worry because you didn’t see anything, did you? No, all right.

Well let me get those for you. He says ‘here see, I’m not going to hurt anybody, I’m not going to hurt anybody, I’m just going to take this money, okay. Now you get The Marlboro Red’s for me.’ I’m like ‘all right, I’ll get The Marlboro Red’s for you.’ ‘And here is a couple of grocery bags. Oh, do you want me to double bag that for you?’ ‘Here, I will put this bag inside that one’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, double bag it, double bag it, that’s the way to do it, double bag it,’ “I’m like, okay all right.” ‘Don’t worry, I’ll double bag it for you, see?’

See – I’m taking my sweet time. ‘There you go, how’s that for you?’ ‘Yes, yes’, he says. ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I need.’ ‘Okay you go get The Marlboro Red’s now’, okay, I’m going to get The Marlboro Red’s.

Well he decides, he is going to go and get all of the e-cigarettes, oh, I’m gonna go look around, what do I want? Where are the e-cigs?

This is where [Moe] says I should of punched the guy, because look, see he is kind of like leaning down. And he decides hmm, how am I going to keep people out? I don’t know?

Here is an incense stand – I’ll move that in front of the door. What the phffff – whatever and then he goes back here – he is taking e-cigs.

[Woman (Robbery Victim):] Source:
Well here I am getting Marlboros. Oh – here’s a bag. Let me put your Marlboros in a bag for you.
How is this for you? And I’m talking to him, telling him a little bit about my business and what’s going on. You can tell it has already been two minutes and fifteen seconds and I’ve kept him there for quite a long time. He is still here, he is still getting stuff in the [back]. And here are your cigarette sir. Hmm. Should I give more cigarettes for you?

Okay. All right, let me get some soft pack for, how is that? I don’t know what the hell he is doing back there, oh here is comes out, he’s already got all his stuff that he needs apparently.

He is like ‘wait, no, no, I found more box mounts back here.’ So he doesn’t know how to open that little cabinet back there, he’s having quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to open that thing, whatever.

Now I’m just like ‘here, um….some soft pack?’ Oh, okay you want some soft pack? All right, there you go.

It’s been three minutes now and still he… is still here.

So, and here he is reaching inside the cabinet, he’s taking all my e-cigs and stuff.

Whatever if you want to take it – go!

And you see at this point I’m just kind of bored – I pressed the button again, come-on!

And I’m just pressing, pressing, pressing and he doesn’t see me. Yeah he is …

I’m still getting his cigarettes for him – I got the cartons because he said “get the cartons”, and I’m like ‘okay all right, I’m getting the cartons’. There you go – there are your cartons for you. Oh here he comes, he is like ‘okay.’

And then, “put those in bag for me.” I’m like, ‘all right there you go, there you go, I’ll put it in that bag for you don’t worry.’

And he is just like, “okay I’m going to take all my stuff now”. And I’m just like, ‘Oh here’s one pack of Camel’ — yeah, one pack of Camel, he’s very specific, he wants the Menthol No. 9’s. It’s alright.

And see, he’s like, has a mask on, but you know, it covers the lower part of his face and then he’s turnaround you can’t really see.

Oh, but he has decided, he is just going to look around, anything else I need? No, no he doesn’t need anything else. I hand him one more bag, ‘Here you go, you forgot this one, sir!’ And he is like, ‘oh, okay’. All right and it’s now been four minutes and eighteen seconds and he is still her.

[Woman (Robbery Victim):] Source:
And he’s like ‘are you sure you don’t have any money in the back?’ And, I’m like, “I have nothing back there.

I’m like, ‘my dog is going to kill you, don’t come back here.” He is like, “I’m going to come back here”.

Like, “my dog is going to kill you”, and he is like, “okay, okay fine I’m not going to go back there”.

He’s says, “okay, I’m just going to leave.” “All right get out of here”. I tell him ‘please just leave, just get out of here’, four minutes and forty-five seconds.

He moves a little stand out of the way, he is like, “okay, I’m going now. See you later” Maybe.

He is just sitting next to the door, wondering if the cops are outside maybe.

I’m watching him go, like, and I’m like pressing the button again come-on.

I follow him out, yeah… where is he going? Where is he going?

Okay well he is going to go to his car? Well I’m going to follow him, I going to find his license plate. There I go — there I go to find his license plate.

And I ran down this sidewalk here. And I hid behind the dumpsters so you can’t see me for a second, because I’m watching his car pull out. But you will probably see me comeback in a sec, right after I – right after I get his license plate.

And I’m sure that he leaves and he turns right out of the parking lot and everything —

And that’s pretty much the robbery. It’s now five minutes and forty seconds.

See how long it took – so the police could have been here twice in that amount of time.

But if my – that’s only if my emergency button had worked. And I’m still not back yet…

[Woman (Robbery Victim):] Source:
Maybe I’m getting murdered? Nope.

Oh…here I am. I’m smart. I going to go call the cops. Yes!

I able to call the cops, yes.

All right and that’s where it pretty much ends and then I call the cops.

And I go get serious, I’m like serious – hunt them down.

[Woman (Robbery Victim):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Here I am calling the cops. Okay so that’s the video. Tried to do my little narrative there.

That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point

That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point

That One Time I Was Held At Gun Point. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll double bag it for you, see?’ See – I’m taking my sweet time. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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