Ten Years Chained A Dog’s Happy Ending Rescue Story


Ten Years Chained A Dog’s Happy Ending Rescue Story

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[Ten Years Chained A Dog’s Happy Ending Rescue Story]

[Animal Advocates:] Source: LYBIO.net
This dog was chained here for 10 years. The neighbors told us that they had phoned the Animal Welfare Agency many times for many years. They told us that their owners had been seen urinating on to her from the porch.

She had no comforts, no blanket, no toys, not even a bone. Animal Advocates first saw her at night lying in the frozen mud, being snowed and sleeted on surrounded by her own excrement. When we got her she was emaciated, dehydrated and barely able to walk because of painful arthritic hips and because of the heavy clumps of matted mud and feces on her legs and tail.

We got her by rescuing her, the same way thousands of other people have rescued dogs.

Her recovery started at our vet with freedom, fun an exam and grooming. She was so happy to be somewhere anywhere new – being the center of attention. Animal Advocates volunteers saved off her heavy mats of wet hair and feces, some of the worst we have seen. And we have seen and helped a lot of neglected dogs.

Now, she can even wake her tail, now that it is – isn’t so heavy anymore. And the slippery floor doesn’t hold her back; she is off to see what else is new. This is how thin she was everywhere.

Now, for a bath, she didn’t love the soap and water but she loved being touched and fussed over. This would her first night in a warm snug bed, perhaps the first in her whole life.

This is her home coming party, two amazing people Mike and Elisa took one look at her, put their arms around her and said ‘we’re taking her home’. Her owners had named her Judas, Mike and Lisa called her Judith.

A kind person donated a cart, so her feet would not be scraped raw. She was a natural and went everywhere in that cart. Mike and Elisa took her on many camping trips and to the cottage. She chased squirrels in the cart and even went into the lake. Ambleside was another favorite place where she could play without the cart and socialize with other dogs. She could have the kind of fun that had been denied to her for so long. At Ambleside, everyone wanted to know her story and she was the center of attention always.

[Animal Advocates:] Source: LYBIO.net
Judith had 18 months of a real family and all the love and happiness she deserved and the time before did not count at all.

Ten Years Chained A Dog's Happy Ending Rescue Story

Ten Years Chained A Dog’s Happy Ending Rescue Story

There are many more dogs like Judith waiting for help.

You can help them.

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