Teen Dream Phone Happiness Mashup


Teen Dream Phone

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[Teen Dream Phone]

Who who who whose got a crush on you?

Hello, Hunk, it’s Dream Phone, the electronic game and the talking phone.

To win, guys get clues to figure out, which guy really likes you.

He’s not wearing a hat.

Bye, guys. What did he say?

My secret.

Uh huh…


He’s not at the beach.

See you later.


It’s Dan, Dan my man!

[Happiness (1998)]

[Philip Seymour Hoffman (Allen):]
I know who you are, and you are nothing. You think you are f****** something, but you are f****** nothing, you are empty. You are a zero. You are a black hole and I’m going to f*** you so bad, you’re going to be c****** out of your ears.

Dream phone, the hot electronic talking phone game.

It’s for you.

Teen Dream Phone Happiness Mashup

Teen Dream Phone Happiness Mashup

Teen Dream Phone Happiness Mashup. It’s for you. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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