Taylor…Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey


Taylor…Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey

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[Taylor…Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey]

Taylor, please help me make your Cleveland Concert on June 3, 2015 special for Ronnie. Here’s Ronnie’s story…

Hi, Taylor, I hope this message gets to you. My name is Joe Bufano and I’m sending you this to share with you a story about one of your biggest fans Ronnie Brewer.


Who is made some huge changes in his life and he’s gotten an amazing story. I’m taking him to see you in concert as its a dream of his on June 3rd in Cleveland.


For all of his hard work that you are about to see I really want to make your concert is special for him.

ROW1; SEAT 1&2

I’m hoping you can help me do that. Here is his story

700 days ago Ronnie weighed 675 lbs.

Drugs, alcohol and morbid obesity left him jobless and unable to leave his home.

His life had spun out of control…

The doctor gave him a grim prognosis…

He would not live to see the age of 35 if he didn’t CHANGE…

DAY 1 of his change…

He couldn’t leave his home so he used a hand bike at home…

[Day 1] [Day 33]

Day 44

[Push, push, push, push] You got three seconds… three seconds… and relax, good job. Good job Ronnie.

The handbike evolved into weights on a chair…

Day 68

“Nice job, nice job, Ronnie! What’s day is it today?”
“Nice!” Source: LYBIO.net
“68 days in a row working out Ronnie.”
“What day is it today, Ronnie?”
“Wow, day 75″
“How many minutes are you up to on your chair squat?”
“9 out of 10.”
“Nice, what do you starts with?”
“A minute.”

Day 110 and you on the radio!

“Day 110, I’m the only one here again”. I got Miss Swift on the radio, I’m all set. Yeah, buddy.”

10 sets of Stairs…

“On your 10 set of stairs.”
“How you’re doing?”
“Yeah, good.” Source: LYBIO.net
“Good job Ronnie.
“Hey, Ronnie B., tell us how you feel, bro?”
“Can you talk?”
“Are you gonna need that bucket?”
“Not yet.”
“Not yet.”
“Doing work. Going for three miles today. Yeah, buddy!” “Just did 12 sets of stairs, now it’s time to do two miles, yeah, buddy.”

Ronnie begins to be able to enjoy the little things in life again…

“Come on Ronnie. You’re sliding — Don’t fall.” “Push ’em!” “Feet up!”
“That is hilarious!”

Day 233

“All right Ronnie. You’ve been at this for over a half an hour this is you last flight – number 17, you are breaking your record today. Show us what you got!”

17 flights of stairs!!!

“Hard work man, one step at the time.”


“Come on Brewer, here you go.”
“Get it!”
“Good job, Brewer.”

Boxing harder…

180 lbs. lost!

Day 340

246 lbs. Lost.

[News Video Clip: 600 Pound Man Challenges Himself to Lose Weight] Source: LYBIO.net
[Seriously this man knows it will get better all too well], less than a year ago, Ronnie Brewer weighed 675 pounds with the help of his loved ones and trainer; he lost 180 lbs and counting…

180 lbs Lost!

[Reporters Name], tells us how his journey is taking him from 600 pounds to success.

Working out is now part of Ronnie Brewer’s daily routine. This is a far cry from just 8 months ago.

This man lost 264 lbs in one year. How did he do it? The old fashioned way – healthy diet and exercise Ronnie Brewer weighed 675 pounds at the age of 28.

[Ronnie Brewer] Source: LYBIO.net
I got on scale about … …. I lost pounds. [inaudible]…

Day 50
Day 400

309 lbs Lost!

Ronnie Brewer’s lives now for his daily workout, tying his shoe was one of the many things he is now able to do.

“I love golf, I’m able to walk.” “I can walk for miles, so I get tired now, I can go for 3 hours, no problem.”

“We are here doing the sled cardio. So basically, Ronnie is pushing me on this sled. How you feel Ronnie?”

“Very good.”
“All right. Here we go.” Source: LYBIO.net
“Alright, ready?”
“Let’s do it. Oh! Here we go. Come on Ronnie, you got it, push. Come on buddy. You got it.”
“Good job, Brewer.”

“Now Ronnie, when I first met you, you were 675 pounds you could barely walk.” “Wow.” “Put your chin up.” “Awesome!”

“Day 600, I’m tired and I’m sore, but I’m still pushing through it. 8’o clock in the morning, let’s go. Yeah, buddy.”


Day 1
Day 551

Day 1
Day 286
Day 572

Day 1
Day 300
Day 600


Day 707

“Good, one, look at that…”
“Good, two, come on…”
“Good, three… come up there.”
“Good, four… that’s the way to do it…”
“Awesome, five….”

Thank you Taylor for being an inspiration for Ronnie! Your music helped him more than you can imagine!!! Please contact me if you can help me make your concert on June 3, 2015 special for him.

Joe Bufano

Taylor...Ronnie's Weight Loss Journey

Taylor…Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey

Taylor…Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey. NEVER GIVE UP! Day 707. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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