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Hello! I’m Patrick Cox, the CEO of Tax-Masters. For ten years, the company I founded has helped tens of thousands of people deal with and recover from serious IRS tax problems.

Hello, we wanted to take a moment to talk with you about who Tax-Masters is and what we actually offer. But more importantly, what we promise and deliver. We are a company of more than (ten) dedicated employees who work hard everyday to serve our clients. Among these are people who are former IRS employees, the people who have earned and rolled agent status. We also employ CPAs, attorneys, tax preparers, billing specialists, financial analysts, customer service personnel, assistants and other people you would typically see in any company in this country.

Hello, solving an IRS tax problem is a difficult and often life changing task. While the process may take time the tax payers who work with us through the compliance and settlement process are very likely to resolve their IRS problems at a reasonable cost for the professional services they need.

While we are generally successful at returning our clients to compliance with their IRS, we like any company are constantly striving to improve. It’s what we have learned from this process that makes us a highly successful IRS tax representation firm. That has served tens of thousands of clients with tax problems.

Hello, an example of our continuous improvement drive that in the fall of 2010, we enacted a new 18 month refund policy giving new customers the right to terminate their contract up to 18 months into the process.

Hello, we also created an industry leading business model, we also created Tax-Masters. For ten years the company I founded has helped tens of thousands of people deal with and recover from 10 serious IRS Tax-Masters. Tax-Masters new business model now allows clients to engage our services in phases – addresses non-compliance issues and requires upfront payment for tax services, such as tax return preparation, IRS enforced collections representation and developing a plan to solve a clients tax problem.

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Phase 2 involves negotiations for tax debt settlement and requires – Patrick Cox the CEO of – hello.



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