Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas Reunited At Last


Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas Reunited At Last

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Tansy Aspinall The Gorillas Reunited At Last

Tansy Aspinall The Gorillas Reunited At Last

[Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas Reunited At Last]

For 15 years The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild from Howletts Wild Animal Park in England to their million acres in West Africa.

I’m in the Gabon with my daughter Tansy looking for two gorillas Djalta and Bimms. They were bought up at Howletts Wild Animal Park and finally released back into the wild many years ago. We looked for many hours on the river to find them. And then they appeared after hearing my calls.

We found Djalta and Bimms. I haven’t seen them for about three or four years and seen just here on the edge of the river. So they’ve heard us and they’ve come to see us, fantastic.

Look here.

I was a little nervous to meet them. I hadn’t seen Djalta and Bimms for many years. And I wasn’t sure how they would react.

That was a very, very sweet, cool, a little squeak. Isn’t it?

It was fantastic to see the greeting I got. I felt such love from them. When they hold you and ask you to hold them like gorillas do. There’s no greater privilege. Bonding with the gorillas’ one of life’s great experiences. There’s nowhere else in the world to introducing gorillas. You can see here, these are gorillas’ born in captivity. And they are living completely wild and they are very happy, very healthy, very healthy, and calm and [in a] wonderful condition. Nobody can convince me, sorry, nobody can convince me [that] they don’t belong here.

Things are going incredibly well, but then I actually noticed Djalta staring at Tansy and he hadn’t seen Tansy for 12 years.

They hadn’t seen me since I was really young since I was about ten. So I wasn’t sure if he’d remember me, but I think, yes, him and Bimms definitely remembered me, and he was so sweet and so gentle, and really different to me than they were with dad, to me they were pretty playful with.

After all Tancy grew up at Howletts. She was there when Djalta and Bimms are actually were sent back to the Gabon. I was considering whether it was safe for Tancy to come on land and see Djalta and Bimms. He seemed so interested in her. Clearly recognized her.

Getting the best selfie ever. No big deal.

I decided it was ok and summoned Tansy. As Tansy approached, I could hear the gorilla gurgles and I felt more and more confident that she would be accepted by them.

It’s so exciting. I’ve never been anywhere like it and it’s amazing to see the animals, which of them you have really seen in the parks. And then in their natural habitat.

It’s a privilege isn’t to go and see animal that you’ve raised in captivity, and you’ve released and you don’t see them for few years and you find them in the forest and they greet you like long lost brothers. And then I could see the way they were playing with me have pleased they were to see me and it was so gentle the way they were playing. I mean it might look like it was very, very rough, but it was so gentle. There’s not a mark on me. And they just wanted to be tickled and play rough and tumble and I noticed with Tansy how gentle they were. So they knew she was a girl and they knew that they have to be gentle with her, and is very sweet to see that. It was lovely to see Tansy with her old friends.

When we had to go, they held on to Tansy. You can see they didn’t want her to leave. It was very moving to watch, but we did have to go night was coming. The next morning we woke up and there they were on the edge of the river, ready to see their friends again.

Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas Reunited At Last

Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas Reunited At Last

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