Tammy Hembrow Hair Bun Tutorial


Tammy Hembrow Hair Bun Tutorial

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[Tammy Hembrow Hair Bun Tutorial]

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Hey guys i thought to do a quick hair bun tutorial for you today, a few of you have asked me to do this. So yeah you’ve got.

I just use two hair ties and a hair brush.

First, I just put my hair up into a ponytail. I just use my hands, but if you want it like super neat, you can just use a brush and brush it up to a pony tail. And I like to do it pretty tight, because I don’t want it coming loose at all, because I feel like when my bun comes loose it like gets really, don’t look how I want it to.

So yeah I just put my hair into a pony tail like that. And then sometimes I skip this step, but usually I don’t because I have really thin hair, so I like to just grab a bit like this and tease it a bit. This makes my bun a bit bigger, it will look like a more hair kind of because my hair is pretty thin.

I got the whole thing and I twist it and then I just go around into a bun. And then I use my second hair tie and I tie it up. And then I just like pull it out, make it a bit bigger. And I also like to pull out like a few of the little pieces from the ends of my hair to make it little bit more really like messy kind of look.

So there’s my bun.

Thank you guys for watching. Make sure you keep letting me know what you to and subscribe, comment and like below.

Tammy Hembrow Hair Bun Tutorial

Tammy Hembrow Hair Bun Tutorial

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