Talk To Someone Australian Ad On Depression


Talk To Someone Australian Ad On Depression

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[Talk To Someone Australian Ad On Depression]

– Hey Nico, hurry up.
– Yes, coming. Oh yeah.
– Leave it in the bowl on the bench.
– Wow honey you got to seal in the things so the stuff…
– Did you leave this in the fridge. I told you not to.
– Geez settle down?
– Ready for meat?
– Yeah.
– Hi.
– Hey Nico where have you been? Hi.

Hey good to see ya.
Finally we can get the meat on.
All right.
Ready for the meat.
One, great.
There he brought meat.

So I’m sitting there watching the break about to go out, when in the window get smashed in the face, rains like horizonal.

He was pumping. Did you go out there?

No I don’t want to get wet.

You don’t want to get wet, the surf gets a bit chilly.

Because I brought the board to pick up not to actually surf.

What was that, how is that?


You got to tell him there’s no way, no bloody way I’m going to go to work with him without certification.

Yeah man forget about him. It is the right thing speaking up. Want one? Pete?

No, no, good.

You are alright?

I am – yeah, yeah I was just – just dusty after last night.

Yeah just pop that out.

Yeah I’ll grab it, sorry.

It’s still frozen.

How come you guys…
How did this happen?
What’s that all about huh.

Dick head, fuckin’ dick head, dick head. I can’t do this, I can’t this. Dick head.

Sorry. I just got cream all over –

I’m finished, it’s all good.
You are alright?
Yeah, yeah, yeah good to see you again.
Yeah good to see you too.


I was about 5:30 this morning trying to, how were you?
Oh no, no one else was there so I bailed.
Yeah but first I did full laps and a 150 burpies, right?
No one else was there so you know and I was. I went home.
[…] looked out the window.
Wasn’t going anywhere, bloody freezing.

You alright?
I need to talk.

one conversation could change a life

talk to someone please

Lifeline 131114
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Mensline Australia 1300 78 99 78


Mental Awareness Foundation
Preserving lives by empowering individuals

Talk To Someone Australian Ad On Depression

Talk To Someone Australian Ad On Depression

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