Taipei MRT Racist – White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro


Taipei MRT Racist – White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro Never Seen Such A Bigot

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[Taipei MRT Racist White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro Never Seen Such A Bigot]

[WARNING: This video contains abusive racist and sexist language]

Horse face.

Record him.

Go on then, record, I won’t be found guilty of anything.

Record everything.

Just looking at his ugly face. Look at you, this kind of whore with this piece of trash foreigner. I’ll remember your face. The whole of Taiwan despises you, you fucking whore.

When he said this, i have to admit, it affected me. Also, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a long time, many years, to hear someone say that to her. I will get upset.

Just looking at you makes me sick. You are so ugly. You crap person. All you can do is trick bitches. You are nothing.

You recorded all of this right?

No foreign girls like you. You think I don’t know? You are so ugly. You foreign scrounger.

I didn’t say anything to him, he just came over and started saying this.

Go on record, I’m not guilty of anything.


I’m not guilty of anything.

What did you say?

Keep recording bitch. Source:

Record, record, just record everything.


Go on, keep recording. Your Chinese is so crap.

My Chinese is so crap?

Yeah, your Chinese is crap.


Taipei MRT Racist - White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro

Taipei MRT Racist – White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro

So fuck off.

So you just followed me from down there to here right?

Yes, so what?

Ok, i just wanted to make sure.

So I’ll just quickly explain how all this started. We got on the train at Da-an Station. So I’ll just quickly explain how all this started. As soon as there were free seats we sat down. We realised there was a guy sitting opposite us staring at us. So I’ll just quickly explain how all this started. My girlfriend sent me a message to say, have you noticed he keeps looking at us? My girlfriend said he was mouthing words to her. So we thought we had better just leave this situation altogether. We talked about changing seats. Just then the train stopped at a station. We pretended we were getting off the train. So we walked quickly to the train’s exit. Then we walked briskly down to the next carriage.

When we got to the next carriage we looked back. We found out he had followed us. We went further down the carriage and he continued to follow us. So we decided to stop walking. He was about 30 centimeters away from my girlfriend, then he got in my face and said, fucking foreigner, fuck off back home, etc… So I just took my phone straight out and gave it to my girlfriend to record. What you see in the video starts from there.

So, you think anything is going to happen? Am I guilty of anything?

Where are we? I was just asking you, just asking. Where are we? We are in Taiwan.

Correct. So, don’t be too cocky. You better be careful.

Careful of what? Are you threatening me? Otherwise, what do you plan to do?

Do what? Depends on you. Source:

I wasn’t planning on doing anything.

Yeah, I wasn’t planning on doing anything either.

So why do I need to be careful?

Careful other people don’t go and find you.

Who is going to find me?

A lot of people look at you and feel repulsed.

So who is going to find me?

The whole of Taiwan are repulsed by you. Source:

So the whole of Taiwan will find me?

Correct, except for this whore.

This whore? This whore? Are you talking about my girlfriend?

Correct. Only pieces of crap would be with pieces of crap, so she is a whore.

She is a whore just because she is with me?

Go on, hit me.

Just because she is with me, she is a whore?

Yes, yes. Because you are blatantly just a failing foreigner. You foreigners are just scroungers, human (waste/trash). You just lie just to scrounge an existence. Trash. Fuck off back home?

Fuck off back home?

You just can’t scrounge an existence there. I look down on you, trash.

Ok, you recorded all of this right?

You are also a piece of trash. A piece of Taiwanese trash.

Are you saying my girlfriend is trash?

Yes. You are too.

And I am also trash?


Because I am here. Source:

No, because you are a failure. What have you achieved? Are you rich? Are you handsome? Do foreign girls like you? Of course not.

Do you know anything about me? Do you understand anything about me?

I don’t need to understand you. That’s just the kind of person you are.

You are saying this just because I have a white face right?

You are ugly.

If you don’t like the way my face looks, there is nothing I can do about that.


Here you can see I’ve already been upset because I have already started arguing with him. This was completely wrong of me. I should have ignored him, but I’d already fallen into his trap…

Your also can’t change your face.

This means you are a loser and you can’t change it. Has a foreign girl ever liked you? Of course not. You fucking loser. And you are a fucking loser, too. You are a stupid girl, you know?

You recorded all of this right? Anything else you want to say?

You are not welcome here.

Did you see that?

Haha, I think you are more ridiculous than me. You are pitiful you know. And you are fucking pitiful. You think dating an ugly manwhore is cool? That is just a piece of trash. It’s laughably shallow.

What’s your name?

Why do i need to tell you? (no translation available)

Anything else? You recorded me right, you recorded everything?

The whole of Taiwan will just think this is a joke. Put this on Facebook so everyone can see this whore.

I have a YouTube channel. Source:

Your Chinese is crap.

My Chinese is bad, so you can’t understand me right?

I can’t understand you, your Chinese is crap.

Ok, so we speak English, what do you think?

You can speak English, so what? This is Taiwan. So speak Chinese.

So what do I have to do to make you happy?

You’d be best off fucking off out of Taiwan.

Fuck off back, right?

Correct, fuck off back home. Source:

So you don’t want any foreigners here right?


Close all the borders, right? When Taiwan is completely isolated, then you will be happy, right?


So, what exactly do you want? Excuse me, could you please tell me exactly what you are hoping for here?

You, go fuck off back home.

So it’s just about me, and just because of my appearance? So all of this is because of my appearance, and that is why you are not happy.

Don’t think you are on a higher level, you are just an idiot.

At the time what I really wanted to say was… the only country without racism is North Korea. Why does North Korea have no racism? Because there are no minorities. Because they have closed their borders. I really wanted to say this to him… but… erm..

So, excuse me, what exactly am I supposed to do? Source:

So tell me, why don’t you live in your own country? You just can’t scrounge an existence there. Human waste/trash.

I couldn’t scrounge an existence there so I came here right?


So you think Taiwan is the last place anyone would want to come, right?


Because you have so little confidence in your own country.


You must think that. [Source: L Y B I O . n e t]

What I meant to say here is, if you tell someone, you only come here because you can’t scrounge an existence in your own country. It feels like… you didn’t come here because you like the place. You only came here, because you could scrounge an existence elsewhere. But I think Taiwan is full of beauty.

I have a lot of confidence.

So then you think.

It’s because I have confidence that I can tell a piece of crap like you to fuck off back home. Taiwan is too good, you piece of crap, can’t keep up. Do you understand? You idiot!

He didn’t want to listen to me, he just wanted to upset me.

Because we can’t scrounge an existence in your own country so that’s the only reason we come here, right?

Yup, you can’t scrounge an existence there so you come here.

What job do you do? How rich are you?

Take out ten thousand NT and show me! You see, you are dirt poor. You see, you can’t take it out, you can’t even reply to me, dirt poor, you see!

Dirt poor? You think I don’t have money?

Go on then, take ten thousand out.. Take it out now.

Why do I have to prove my finances?

Ok, enough..

No, I have to say this…

You can’t take it out. You see, it just proves you are a loser, you got no money.

I don’t need to prove it to you. I don’t need to prove anything to you.

You can’t even take out ten thousand. An average Taiwanese worker has that kind of money, but to don’t. You can’t even take it out to show the money, you lost face.

Your breath stinks.

You smell worse, you sink of foreigner armpit. You smell worse. You are ugly and you make her look ugly.

Ok, so what’s your job? Source:

Your reputation stinks, the whole of Taiwan despises you, don’t get upset about it.

To say my girlfriend is a whore and threaten her, I just found it impossible to stay calm.


You think this is smart? (dating a foreigner) I’m telling you, you will regret it.

Right now he is cussing out my girlfriend. I’m going to put all of this on YouTube.

You put it there.

I will, I’ll put it there, I have 2k subscribers.

So what if you upload it?

What job do you do?

I’ve recorded all of this and I’m telling you I’m going to upload it to YouTube where I have 2000 subscribers.

Go on then, put it up. I will, I’m telling you now. You’ll see it on the news.

Just put it up, nothing will happen, I’m not scared. I’m going to tell the news about you, manwhore. You just lie to survive.

What are you going to say? What have you got for the news? I’m asking you exactly what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

Go on, hit me.

I don’t want to hit you, I am extremely peaceful, I’m extremely peaceful.

Come on then, hit me, quickly, hit me.

I am being extremely peaceful. Why would I want to hit you?

Come one, quickly, hit me.

Don’t get off the train, don’t do that. You think I can’t scrounge an existence in my own country that’s the only reason I come here. This means you think your country isn’t as good as others.

Not at all.

You think no one would want to come here, right?

I don’t think that. You better be careful, other Taiwanese people are going to hit you. That’s not what I think.



Taipei MRT Racist You Still Got Something To Say

Taipei MRT Racist You Still Got Something To Say

Ok, I’ve got everything. You still got something to say… I think you should do your shirt up.

Do it, I’m not scared.

Do it. You think I’m scared.

I can see you are not scared. Source:

Correct, I’m not in the slightest bit scared.

Ok, then there is no problem.

So, if you are not scared, then just say your name. Say it for the camera.

Why do I have to say my name? You say your name.

Because you are scared, you are scared. I’ll say my name. My name is Christopher Raymond Hall. My YouTube channel is Dream Lucid. Now you say your name. What is your name? You say your name.

(speaking to my gf)

You first say your name.

You want me to say my gf’s name? Ok. What’s your name?

For my gf’s safety I choose not to expose her. XXXXX.

Say your name if you are not scared, just say your name. If you are not scared then just say it.

I’m not scared.

You’re scared, you’re scared. You don’t say it because you are scared.

And what?

Just say your name…

Fuckface, horseface monster.

You just said all that, but you don’t dare say your name. It just means you are scared.

I’m in Taiwan, why do I have to say it?

Because if you want to say all that, you got to put your name by it. If you don’t say your name, it just means you are scared, you don’t dare.

I’m not scared.

You think you can say all that, and just not say your name.

………more handsome than you. You ugly horseface.

You are scared you are going to be dug up right?


You are scared of being dug up.

So, nothing will happen?

You are scared of being exposed. I’m right, aren’t I?

Go on, hit me. Let’s see if you are dare.

I don’t want to hit you. Source:

If you hit me I’ll just call the police to take you away.

I’ve got this, I don’t need to hit you. I’ve already won.

You see here I said “I’ve already won”. This shows I already thought I was competing with him… This is completely the wrong thing to do. You should never compete with someone like this. However, I must say, but I must say, at this point I was already shaking, I was really upset.

Everything is here.

You are soft.

Now I am shaking

You are soft.

You said everything here already. I don’t need to hit you. Your breath stinks. It really stinks, you need to brush your teeth.

You smell worse.

You really need to brush your teeth. I don’t need to hit you. Ok, let’s get off.

(He already pushed my chest)

You want to touch me? Record this. You want to touch me?

I’m not going to touch you. I’m not going to hit you. I want to help you off the train.

Well, then we are getting off the train. Bye bye. Have a good day.

Jian-tan MRT Station

Is there anything you want to say?

Ok, I just got bullied right there. I absolutely didn’t do anything, he just followed me. He just followed me from where I was sitting. He just kept looking at me as if he wanted to fight me. So I walked really far away and he just followed me. And just started saying to me, fuck you, fuck this fuck that.. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t even look at him, I didn’t do anything.

In the video, I don’t think I handled it well. At the end I was too emotional. I started arguing with him… Having a debate with him… That was bad. I should have just ignored him. Every time he talked about my girlfriend I got more emotional and worked up. That was wrong of me, it was my problem. So after I saw it I felt… I really didn’t deal with it well. So I just thought, I’ll just give it to the police as evidence, and to not upload it to Facebook or YouTube. However! To date it has already been 3 weeks. The police are still pushing the case back and forth between each other, trying to work out whose responsibility this case is, because it happened on the MRT… They say the rule is, depending on which station it starts at, the nearest police station must take the case.

But we really don’t know which station it all started at, but we gave them the video. We told them the time the video starts (according to the phone’s automatic record.) Furthermore, the video has a record of where we got off the train. The video is 8 mins long. Count back 8 minutes, it’s an easy calculation. It’s obvious which station the video started at. They keep saying they want us to confirm which station it started at. To date now, it’s been three weeks already. This video was taken on the 15th of October. The next evening we went to the police station to report this, and give them the video, three weeks passed. A fourth police station called us and asked, so which station did it all start at? Then they wrote us a letter! The case has been transferred to Shilin Police Station. Well, ok, but the point is, we couldn’t have given them better evidence than that. We gave them a video with the time that it started. 8 minutes long to get this letter… How long did we wait? THREE WEEKS! They took THREE WEEKS… To tell us… They didn’t know which station it started at so it’s now been transferred to that station. When Shilin Police Station called us… they didn’t know there was a video… they hadn’t seen any video. So they transferred it to them without showing them the video. If you watch the video and think for one minute you will know whose responsibility the case is, it doesn’t take three weeks. But the most irritating thing of all is, the MRT police themselves didn’t know that the footage from the security cameras is only saved for 7 days before it gets written over. This was not what they told us in the beginning. In the end we were not able to get the footage of this man following us. This is important evidence that we will never have now.

台灣 台北捷運Taipei MRT Racist

台灣 台北捷運Taipei MRT Racist

The inefficiency of the police is infuriating. All we could do in the end was write an e-mail to the Taipei City Mayor e-mail box and let them know the efficiency of the police.

Now I feel I have no choice but to post this on the Internet. I hope this video won’t set everyone against each other. I don’t think an individual represents a race. I’ve been here for ten years already. Over the last ten years my Taiwanese friends have been very good to me and they are all very well mannered. I also hope that when Taiwanese people see a foreigner doing something, regardless of whether it is good or bad in the media that you will not think that it represents all foreigners.. England also has this kind of person. They are pretty much the same. This kind of people exist in every country in the world. No matter what language they speak, what color their skin is, they all have one thing in common, they are all part of the majority, they all say the same sentence, “This is (insert country’s name) What you going to do?”

So what, so what, yeah, it’s my British country. Source:

You ain’t British.

Why do they always say this? Because they feel they are in the majority. Therefore they feel they are safe that no one will speak out against them or be on the side of the minority.

So, you think anything is going to happen? Am I guilty of anything? Where are we?

That they won’t receive negative consequences or repercussions.

You better be careful, other Taiwanese people are going to hit you.

Every country has a lot of different kinds of people in it. The next video I post will be the full uncut video. I want to ask everyone, no matter where you are from, have you ever experienced anything like this? Or have you heard of your friends experiencing similar situations? If you have, what do you think? What do you think is the best way to deal with it? Feel free to comment below. On planet Earth, regardless of skin color, how many people have these opinions but don’t express them? Is it a lot or only a little? What percentage do you think it is? Comment below. Ok, see you next time, bye bye!

台灣 台北捷運

台灣 台北捷運

The best of TAIWAN!

I have taken them to a lot of places. This is my cousin, Tania. And her boyfriend, Justin. This film will show you what Taiwan looks like through the eyes of someone who has just arrived. I hope you enjoy their 7 days in Taiwan. OK! Let’s get started!



Hi, I’m Justin, Tania’s boyfriend.

Taipei MRT Racist – White Man With Asian Girlfriend Gets Bullied Threatened On The Taiwan Metro Never Seen Such A Bigot. Look at you, this kind of whore with this piece of trash foreigner. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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