Tai Lopez Briefcase What’s Inside


Tai Lopez Briefcase What’s Inside

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[Tai Lopez Briefcase What’s Inside]

[Tai Lopez:] Source: LYBIO.net
Want to know a crazy secret.

See that briefcase on top of the Ferrari.

I’m not going to tell you everything that’s in there, its password protected. But I keep an old school notepad in that old school briefcase and I wrote three things down, it’s a three step formula. And the reason I remember its three steps, because that three step formula took me from not having a car at all, to having step one, Lamborghini, step two, a Maserati and step three a Ferrari. And I’m not even talking about just materialistic things all though it is cool to drive fast cars, trust me. Anybody who says I don’t like fast cars, has never driven a Ferrari, they are pretty fine. But I’ve also learned to apply them to intellectual things like book, books there. That’s why I still keep the books if you saw my other commercial. I still keep those books in there.

They changed my career from a dead end job, where I wasn’t making any money to something now where half the work, twice the results.

They took me from not knowing how to motivate myself, procrastinating, to knowing boom how to transform things like that. So I got three steps. That’s what’s in some of what’s in that briefcase. I walked over. I walk over here to my living room and I’m going to record a video. So click right here. There should be a button somewhere in this video is going to take you to a more in depth free, completely free explanation of what those three steps are. Trust me.

This is everything that they should have taught us in school, but somebody was too stupid to share with us.

Man, if you feel stuck, if you’ve been doing the same thing working harder but feel like you are just banging your head against a wall, got to try something new, work smarter, not just harder. You have to understand health, wealth, love and happiness. You have to understand how to win friends and influence people. You have to understand how to not procrastinate. You have to understand how to make your money work for you and not just work for your money.

[Tai Lopez:] Source: LYBIO.net
All of these things these practical skills, they didn’t teach us and that’s why at one point of my life, I’m there sleeping on a couch in a mobile home, $47 in my bank account, no college degree, I had lost touch with friends. I didn’t have any opportunities. I remember being like that’s it, this is it. I’m messed up. I’m an adult and my life is stuck.

If you feel that way or have you ever felt that way and haven’t known how to get out of it, you want to know what’s in this briefcase. I’m telling you. I like to keep an old school thing, we are so high tech and I got all these phones and I am like you know what, I’m gonna keep formula right here in this briefcase. And I don’t open it up that often, but the interesting thing about you might have seen my other garage video hundreds of millions of people saw that and I shared a few of those tips. I did a TED – one of the top TEDx times [correction] – talks of all time.

And also one person started emailing me, Tai this changed my life to 100, 1,000 and then he started coming in the tens of thousands and I haven’t even given him all three of these.

So if you want to know a simple three step formula that I keep in my mind and every single time that I use it, I see results increase, quick and easy, techniques that you can implement today, you don’t have to wait till tomorrow.

Watch the free video. It’s on my website. It’s nothing fancy. I just shot it in my living room.

So don’t expect too much, but forget about the camera work all that.

What’s important is the more you learn, the more you earn. Never forget, what Warren Buffett, the billionaire said and you are going to learn something, that God, if I could go back in time, people like what’s your biggest regret I am like not learning these three things when I was 14 years old.

[Tai Lopez:] Source: LYBIO.net
You know, no matter, what age you are now, it’s young as you will ever be, so click the link below, be an optimist. Look for new things. Always keep searching. Search, seek and you will find.

All right. I’ll see you in just a second. I’ll head over to living room. And click the link wherever it might be. All right, talk to you soon.

Tai Lopez Briefcase What's Inside

Tai Lopez Briefcase What’s Inside

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