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[Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones:] Source: LYBIO.net
I’m a lover and that’s why I’m a fighter. Wooo…

Who is Alex Jones?

[Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones:]
I’m Alex Jones, in Austin Texan, I’m just an average fighting Texan. I’m a man. I’m a Canadian. I am a Christian. I am a Jew. I’m friendly, I’m nice uuuuuu….. I’m a white guy and I’m ready to kill. I’m a primitive. I’m like a raccoon in the garage. I basically – I am a fraud. I’m for real. I am a policy wonk. I’m a patriot. I am 1776. I’m a liberal. Uuuuu….

I’m here to date your six-year-old. I am twisted, I am wicked, I am weak, I’m part of this planet. I’m kind of like an eyeball or a tooth. I’m somebody who didn’t even used to cry at my grandparent’s funerals. I’m a little chicken neck bastard. I’m a coward like you. I’m an ali [alien]. Oooo oooo oooh….

I’m getting back into weightlifting. I’ve going somewhere, I’m going to be somebody. I’m a marine crop. I’m under chemical and biological attack. I’m pissed. I’m red blooded and I hate murderers. I’m evil.

I’m like a mother who can pick a car up off their baby because it’s screaming and begging for help.

I’m A Reptoid Clone of John Wayne and Elvis. I’m in a scientific matrix grid, in the early phases of being inserted into an extermination system.

I’m a pioneer, I’m an explorer, I’m animated, I’m a throwback. I’m here. I’m starting fires everywhere. I’m not an open-minded person.

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Super Deluxe Super Cuts Who Is Alex Jones

Super Deluxe Super Cuts Who Is Alex Jones

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