Shot Teenager Calls Swedish SOS, Operator Doesn’t Believe Him

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[Shot Teenager Calls Swedish SOS, Operator Doesn’t Believe Him]

In the middle of the night in late October 2014, two teenagers got shot in the small community Norrahammar, Sweden.

A 17-year-old boy died. His friend, a 16-year-old boy, miraculously survived with serious bullet and stab wounds, including to the head. But when he alerted the SOS Alarm shortly after the attack he was not taken seriously.

This is a recording of the call.

[Teenager:] I have been shot. Me and my friend in Tallhöjden, Norrahammar.

[Operator:] Where are you?

[Teenager:] Tallhöjden, Norrahammar, At the entrance.

[Operator:] Tallhöjden? And where are you shot?

[Teenager:] In the head, in the neck, in the hand and in the shoulder.

[Operator:] And of what?

[Teenager:] I’ve been shot by a pistol, what the hell, come here. Please.

[Operator:] Are any of the perpetrators still there?

[Teenager:] No, they left about 5 minutes ago. I’m about to bleed to death.

[Operator:] But where in the head? How are you able to call if you’re shot?

[Teenager:] “Inaudible”

[Operator:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] Come here.

[Operator:] Did you say Tallhöjden? In Norrahammar?

[Teenager:] Yes. Come over here please.

[Teenager:] I’m dead in a minute. Please come here.

[Operator:] What is your name?

[Teenager:] “censored”

[Operator:] Tallhöjden? I need to know exactly where this is, what kind of place is that?
[Teenager:] Norrahammar. I’m lying on the street. Please come here.

[Operator:] Yes we will come if you just tell us where we should go.

[Teenager:] Are you stupid? Tallhöjden in Norrahammar. Damn idiot, please come here.

[Operator:] Can you behave instead of calling me damn idiot? Do you want help?

[Teenager:] I will die. Please come here, I have a family.

[Operator:] Yes, we will help you “censored”.

[Operator:] But Tallhöjden, where in Tallhöjden? Source:

[Teenager:] Tallhöjden, take a left at the bus stop in Norrahammar. At the bus stop.

[Operator:] Tallhöjden? At the bus stop?

[Teenager:] Yes, please come here.

[Operator:] Is it Tallhöjden? Is it Tallhöjden?

[Teenager:] Yes.

[Operator:] T as in Tore (Swedish name)? Is it Tallhöjden?

[Teenager:] Yes.

[Operator:] Yes, is there any number there as well?

[Teenager:] I don’t know. Please come here.

[Operator:] He says that he is shot in the head, the arm, the shoulder and a pistol.

[Teenager:] The hand. The hand and the mouth.

[Operator:] And the hand and the mouth. Source:

[Teenager:] Hurry, come here.

[Operator:] When are you born?

[Teenager:] “Censored”

[Operator:] Yeah. Uhm. And the number you’re calling from?

[Teenager:] Come.

[Operator:] Yes they are already on the way. Both police and an ambulance is on the way.

[Teenager:] How long will it take? I’m going to die.

[Operator:] Yeah. What number are you calling from?

[Teenager:] This number.

[Operator:] Yes, and what number is this then?

[Teenager:] I don’t know.

[Operator:] You don’t know what telephone number you have?

[Teenager:] I can’t say it, I don’t have any strength.

[Operator:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] I can’t talk so much with my mouth. My lip is broken.

[Operator:] Yeah, but do you know your telephone number?

[Teenager:] “Censored”

[Operator:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] “Censored” Source:

[Operator:] Alrighty. Well, the ambulance is on the way.

[Teenager:] When are they here?

[Operator:] Where did these guys who shot at you go?

[Teenager:] I don’t know.

[Operator:] You don’t know where they went?

[Teenager:] No.

[Operator:] No? Is this at the end of Tallhöjden?

[Teenager:] No at the start, right at the bus stop.

[Operator:] At the beginning of Tallhöjden?

[Teenager:] At the bus stop.

[Operator:] Alrighty.

[Teenager:] Please come here. I will die soon.

[Operator:] Mhm, yeah. They are already on the way, the ambulance and the police.

[Teenager:] How long time will it take for them to come here? Please.

[Operator:] I don’t know how long it will take. They are going as fast as they can.

[Operator:] My colleague have contacted them while you and I spoke.

[Teenager:] If I die, tell my mom, my grandmom and my whole family that I love them.

[Operator:] Mhm.

[Teenager:] Please.

[Operator:] When did this happen? Did it happen just now? Source:

[Teenager:] No, it was about 15 to 20 minutes ago.

[Operator:] Did it happen 15 to 20 minutes ago?

[Teenager:] Yes. “Inaudible”

[Operator:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] Please just come here. My friend is here, he can’t die.

[Operator:] Are you all alone?

[Teenager:] “Inaudible”

[Operator:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] They shot me and then they came back and shot me again.

[Operator:] Okay. Do you know who they are? Do you know them?

[Teenager:] No. They just showed up.

[Operator:] Ah.

[Teenager:] Please tell them to hurry, there is blood everywhere.

[Operator:] They are on the way now. They will be there as fast as they can.

[Operator:] I’m about to connect to the police right now as well.

[Police:] The police.

[Operator:] This is SOS calling regarding the case in Tallhöjden, Norrahammar.

[Police:] Yeah, mhm. Source:

[Operator:] He is on the line. Is there any questions you would like to ask him?

[Police:] Yes absolutely.

[Operator:] Okay, I will connect him. You’re welcome.

[Police:] The police in Jonkoping.

[Teenager:] When are you here? When are you here?

[Police:] Hello?

[Teenager:] Yeah, when are you here?

[Police:] What are you saying?

[Teenager:] When are you here?

[Police:] When we are arriving?

[Teenager:] Yes.

[Police:] We’ll be there in a minute. Who are you?

[Teenager:] Please I can’t stand this any more. I’ve said “censored”.

[Police:] Who.. Who is calling? Hello?

[Teenager:] Are you here? “censored”. I’ve been shot multiple times. I don’t know how I survived. Just get here.

[Police:] Who got shot?

[Teenager:] ME! And my friend is dead here. Come here.

[Police:] Yeah, but what is your name?

[Teenager:] I’ve said that, “censored”.

[Police:] No, you haven’t told me what your name is.

[Teenager:] “Censored”

[Police:] And surname?

[Teenager:] “Censored”

[Police:] What did you say?

[Teenager:] “Censored”

[Police:] What is your telephone number?

[Teenager:] The one I’m calling from. Can you please just come?

[Police:] I can’t see it. Can you give it to me?

[Teenager:] I’ve done that. I can’t now, I’m about to die.

[Police:] Are you shot as well?

[Teenager:] YES.

The recording cuts here due to known reasons. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

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