Husky Shenanigans

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[Husky Shenanigans]

[Hungry Man:] Source:
You stay out of my stuff.
That’s mine!
You don’t get to eat my stuff.
No, you don’t talk back to me either.
You do what you’re supposed to do and you stay out of my stuff.
No – no you don’t get to talk.
No – I don’t want to hear that.
Ya, I don’t care.
No – you’ve been home all day and there is food in your bowl and you’re eating mine.
You leave my stuff.
That’s my food.
Look at me when I talk to you.
You look up here.
No – don’t you back talk – no…no…No…
You don’t get to say things like that.
You’re – don’t talk back to me. Don’t you do it!
You’re gonna be grounded.
No – you don’t – No…
Uh huh… Source:
You keep telling me the same….NO!
Uh-Uh! No, I’m gonna win this!
I’m gonna – NO!
That’s my stuff!
That’s my potato skin!
Here we are again!
You are a dog, not a potato skin eating person.
Don’t you call that –
Then eat your own if you’re hungry!
I don’t care if you’re — Source: L Y B I O . N E T
You could tell me you’re hungry all you want…that’s mine! Yours is in there.
And it’s not on the stove.
You deal with it.
Are you done?
You better be done, I don’t wanna hear anymore back talk.
Are you through?
Don’t you talk back to me anymore – no!

Husky Shenanigans

Husky Shenanigans

Husky Shenanigans. You are a dog, not a potato skin eating person. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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