A Message From Syria To The Japanese People

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[A Message From Syria To The Japanese People]

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To the Japanese people… Hello! My name is Lina Shamy. You may be surprised that I’m speaking Japanese. I have studied Japanese because I love Japan and I wanted to know more about it through the language. When I was a student at the University I learnt Japanese.

In this message, I would like everyone to know what’s happening in my country, Syria.

First of all, lost of thanks to the Japanese people and their government who gave a lot of support to Syrians through the United Nations. Thank you very much. Thank you also for your decision to welcome 150 Syrian citizens as students which is a great opportunity for young Syrians to purse their academic ambitions in life.

Syria is now witnessing a revolutionary call for freedom and dignity for its entire people. The dictatorship regime is continuing to kill whoever has participated in this revolution from the Syrian people with brute force. Besides that, the dictatorship regime called foreign militias and armies from other countries to intervene in order to help with suppressing this revolution of freedom & dignity.

The number of victims is more than 1 million people. The towns and cities that have been subjected to destruction are huge. And the destruction is unimaginable. Assad, in order to protect his own regime, has no problem with killing all Syrians as long as he will continue as a ruler. Regardless of whether it destroyed all of Syria, he couldn’t care less.

Syrian people do not want water and electricity. Please do not support the Assad administration to set up facilities of water and electricity. Because most of the money that is supported is not being used to fix or build lifeline facilities by the Assad government. They are using it to bring fuel to the tanks that are killing the Syrian people.

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In addition to this even thought they’re using part of the money to repair the facilities in Damascus city where Assad and his regime are based, the Syrian people do not know that money is coming from Japan or where it is being directed. The Syrian citizens caused a revolution for the sake of freedom and dignity. Please recognize and support this rightful cause.

There’s a request to the government of Japan. Please do not cooperate in any way with a murderer like Assad or its regime. Syria is liberating itself from a savage regime. And when it happens, we would love, and be honored to have a normal relationship with Japan and its lovely people. At the end freedom & dignity can’t be compared at all with water & electricity (peace of lies).

Thank you for listening.

A Message From Syria To The Japanese People

A Message From Syria To The Japanese People

A Message From Syria To The Japanese People. I would like everyone to know what’s happening in my country, Syria. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.