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Jerome Jarre Turkish Airlines Help Somalia

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[Jerome Jarre Turkish Airlines Help Somalia]

[Jerome Jarre:] Source: LYBIO.net
What I have to tell you, my friends is not very easy. I was just on the phone with a volunteer in Somalia who just witnessed a 6 year old girl dying in front of him from dehydration – from dehydration.

After she had to walk 90 miles with her Mom to look for water. Today on planet Earth.

It’s part of a larger problem, there are 20 million people in East Africa who have no more food, no more livestock and who are going through the worst famine.

The mass media is barely talking about it !!

[Jerome Jarre:] Source: LYBIO.net
Even though the UN already said it is the WORST humanitarian crisis since World War 2.

[World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945, says UN official] Source: The Guardian

[Twenty million people face starvation without an immediate injection of funds in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, warns Stephen O’Brien]

[Jerome Jarre:]
It’s revolting that media are either barely talking about it, or when they do it’s to make us feel like there is nothing we can do about it totally un-empowering and hopeless.

[The forgotten famine: 6.2m desperate need of aid in Somalia where graves stand ready for next starved child]

[Six-month-old Hamdi weighs less than 8lbs – the average for a newborn in Britain – is hungry, in pain and looks ready to die] Source: Mirror

[World accused of repeating mistakes over Somalia famine threat]

[Response needs to be better co-ordinated and funded more rapidly, says Save the Children] Source: Financial Times

[Jerome Jarre:] Source: LYBIO.net
We have to remember that this is not reality, reality is we can come together. We can look for solutions. We can try, especially with social media. We are ALL on social media, not just us, also water corporations, food corporations, and airlines that could fly all of that….

So maybe I am going to sound crazy now, but what if we could find an airplane? And we filled it with food & water and sent it to Somalia?

On the ground there are NGOs that will be able to take care of distributing.

I have identified that there is ONE airline that flies to Somalia. Turkish Airlines.

So let us all use the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia

Let’s all put the hashtag EVERYWHERE

So that Turkish Airlines must give us an answer.

We don’t have to be complicit and watch while people…. die.

We can try to help.

[Jerome Jarre:] Source: LYBIO.net
If you are an influencer or a journalist it’s even more of your responsibility to spread the word & to talk about the famine.

I hope this will resonate with your hearts.

Thank you.

Jerome Jarre Turkish Airlines Help Somalia

Jerome Jarre Turkish Airlines Help Somalia

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