Pitbull Has Hostage

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[Pitbull Has Hostage]

[Pitbull Has Hostage:] Source:
Okay, it is some unbelievable shit recording from the bando [ph] as when I’m call because this is some ol’ crazy, mufasa art-type crap. This dog just walked in our damn house. This big, retarded dog been after throwing up on my porch. You know, I’m saying, Andrea had to push them away with a pillow with – snatch the pillow from Andrea and it’s just now just humping it. We trapped in our house make us cross the street working on the house though. They’re not helping, they don’t even give a fuck they sweeping the fucking yard, while this big ass dog is humping my pillow and we are trapped in our house. This is crazy. And then lets even – lets even look over here because if I can see over here, if you can see at the bus stop, let’s see if we can get it.

There is a nigga over there, if you can see a little bit, you can see a leg and stuff like that and this dog is not caring about none of them, just walked into our house, we chilling just hanging out me, Josh and Andre. He just come up in our house, brought the pillow everything, you know I’m saying not he humping like it is just a good all day I can’t wait to the vet get here. Won’t you go home dog? Go home — the dog police coming up in here.

Look out, look out and looking at me all crazy, the dog police. Can you imagine these big teeth running up into your house?

You chilling just saying if you’s about to barbeque or anything and this thing ran up in your house.

Man – I left Andre in and Josh in this motherfucker, in went in the kitchen.

I ain’t gonna lie.

Fuck that! I will fight a nigga, I ain’t fighting no dog.

Shit I shoot motherfucker a dog — get off my porch!

You got to go man, the police coming.

You must not be a nigga dog because you must think you white, because the mother fucking a black dog would of ran off this porch when I say a police.

You taking breaks and mean sessions on humping my poor pillow that’s been drooled on, dragged and mistreated.

I’m sorry that my [arm].

My outside of my window messed up – he even plan with that too.

You know, he just been acting a fool, big retarded dog on my porch, you know I’m saying chilling, humping it, you know, taking breaks. And look at him he back at it.

What I tell, you what I tell you, it’s like a dog p0rn0. Here take it man, take it, because all I want this dog to do is, get off my porch so I can go to work. Get off my porch! You hear me?

See he don’t even care man, why these mother fuckers over here not helping no damn body man, oh ohhhhhh – we need help please!

“You’re white…yo …You’re white… you’re Caucasian” Source:

This shit is fucking crazy man and is not even about going, okay. Damn motherfucker can help and this motherfucker, this motherfucker black over here, you’re talking about white; we can really zoom in.

And I can — look it’s a black face – if you can really see it’s a black motherfucker in the bushes, black motherfucker in the bushes.

“How long did it take me to pull out – it – it happened so fast…”

Man, this shit is crazy, get on my porch you nasty motherfucker, throwing up and shit. I just swept the porch.

“I’m sorry”

[Pitbull Has Hostage:] Source:
Oh this nigga laying down man. Man call the police, man call the police man.

Pitbull Has Hostage. Looking at me all crazy, the dog police. Can you imagine these big teeth running up into your house? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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