A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL 2015

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[A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL 2015]

I saw your mole!
You’ll give me a complex, man
You gotta eat the breakfast
We eat breakfast!
THEN lunch!
I have flaps

I just forgot to breathe.
We gon’ ball
Why are you, you know, always angry?
Once there was this prince
He came from, like, Syria, okay?
And he lived with some peaceful monkeys
outside his aunt’s boyfriend’s cabin
and had a old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad.
I could just throw a rock!
And I’d aim it at your neck so you’d get two stitches.
Better get down, gonna dance good friend
Jigga Jick, Jabba Jabba
All I know is, I know this is this is the bad guy
And I know this is a good one
Ducky, ducky, turkey, turkey, duck, duck, duck
That guy bumped me.
So wait, you’re saying if you DON’T like her
Then you’ll buy a girl a second-hand handbag?
I think my face is happier fuzzy
I wonder, how much do I offend you? Source: LYBIO.net
Well, friends of mine know that I don’t like you.
Oh, that’s nice.
Dude, pick up that penny!
I wasn’t loved as a baby.
You know, I like Horace
the little mystery pig
He’g got round poops.
Come on, hug Daddy
I love my gopher
Ey, ey, simmer down y’all!

I thought about what you said, man
I got my Legos, and I’ll bring them
And then we can play, all day
Man, who took my skin cologne?!
Hmm, I like strong pickles
But NOT the funk-house kind
All right?
I’ll toss ‘em out
That girl!
She’s so-
You guys don’t have a problem with this?!
I like this hat
Yeah, I once got a rake
And I killed a snowman
You made a recipe
And then you invented dirt lumps.
[singing] Ah agh ah ahhhhh
Oh, where’s my furry friend?
Oh ay oh ay
I’m the best driver!
I back up all the time!
And it takes great effort to not swerve and
Hey spirits
Y’all are creepy.
You know that man that had the cocaine?
Turns out he’s a coke dealer.
What? What?
What? What? What?
[singing] Give me a tiny boat and I’ll sing all day
Jelly Face!
Hey wait, uhhhh
I’m gonna die
Wuh-wuh wulla heyleh
Brains can get messy.
Dlll. Dllll
Wait! I need to tell you something.
Red rum
Red rum Red rum
Hey look, I’m hot
Oh, there’s Fred
Oh, and Phil
What’d I do?
Awwwww yeahhhhh
Who am I seeing?
Who am I seeing? Who am I seeing?
Oh! She just saw me!
GO, go, go
[singing] Disco, disco
And the beat don’t die in bingo town
You LOVE Funyuns!
(Yeah I do)
I know you was eating them before every game
(mm hmmm)
Didn’t you
They’re GROSS
Ddllll, DING-a-DONG
Did I mention that I never planned to serve you rodent meat?
Yeah, well I really wish you just never DID do it.
Ah HAHAHA – ooohh
Hey, lady!
[sniff, sniff]
Hot soup?!
[smack, smack]
Where they got it?
I’m not okay!
I’m gonna crack!
There’s that guy that has the brown horse head weird mask
You don’t like it?
Nah, man, it’s too much
I can’t take it, it’s scary

More sticks I will eat.
I’m not a plant.
Ah, you’re MARVELOUS
Hot dog, I love you.
Man, get my Funyuns ready!
No more Funyuns!
Come on! Bring me that treat!
Because they just make a HUM in my TUM!
You can’t have any! Source: LYBIO.net
Man, you should see
We caught a mouse
And then we kept it
I coulda cooked him, but “no, we can’t crush it!”
So, we got him a mouse cage.

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A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL 2015. Did I mention that I never planned to serve you rodent meat?

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