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Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story

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[Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story]

Go ahead whenever you’re ready?

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
All right, my name is Ross Capicchioni. I’m from Macomb Michigan, suburb outside of Detroit.

Start with your story of, you know….

[Ross Capicchioni:]
What happened?


[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
Well, it happened like I was a junior high school, you know, 17-year old punk shit, just doing my thing skating, hanging out.

This kid supposedly was supposed to be my friend. And I knew this kid for uh 10 years prior before this day. He asked me, “hey, can you give me a ride to my cousin’s house you know down in the D”. All right, yeah, well like what part like the west side or the east side and he’s like the east side, and I was like, “nah man, we’ve got no business on the east side. You know, he is like no, it’s cool man.

Like the east side, it’s like seven mile like which is – it’s like a third world country.

The police they won’t stop and get out off the car. They won’t pull over, if there is gun shot, they wait until everything is clear and they come pick your body up off the street and that’s it.

He is like please man, please, I’m like no.

So like a week goes by, you know, I’m still telling him no like, because I had a feeling like don’t go down there. He kept asking me, I’ll give you 30 bucks for gas all this shit. I’m like alright whatever you know, you’re my friend, I take you down there.

[June 6th 2007]

I go to school that day and I get out and everything seems normal, we go to the gas station, he gives me the money for gas. We drive down there. So I get off and it’s just like I get that eerie feeling like you’re in the bad spot.

When it’s like broad day light out – beautiful day like today. And we’re driving and he telling me where to go, and we pull out on the street, and you know there is people outside, and so he’s like, that’s the house right there.

So he’s like you know, pull around back in the back, like when I turned the corner to go right like, I’ve seen it’s like the caution, by do not enter and all this shit, but I still you know, because I knew him for so long, just thought you know, it’s the D, you know, whatever.

There was a fence, like a grass area, my vehicle and then houses right there, so it was like, you know, I was in the middle of nowhere anything, and like I get out. And he gets out and it’s only a couple of seconds I’m looking around. *a loud shotgun*.

My ears are ringing, I’m like, man, that was close. And as I kind of just glanced down and my arm is just hanging off, is hanging off like a Zombie, I’m just looking at it, I’m like, yeah, this isn’t real, kind of shake it off and look again and it’s just hanging off my arm.

And I’m like okay, then its kicks in like – blood like flowing like an animal and then I look up and this kid is holding a shot gun like 10 feet away from me, just holding it right at me.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
I asked him I said like, “did you shoot me”, and he just *a loud shotgun* blew a hole in my chest like this big.

So after that I just dropped to my knees, I lost, all my air, I couldn’t see.

I’m like, being not my like you know, my hands and knees and I felt the barrel the gun on my head. Felt this barrel just shake on my head, and so I smacked it away. But there was a shot and so it’s sprayed, so it’s still hit me in the head really good, but it didn’t blow my head off like the watermelon just to pieces. So after that I got a little sight, and I was like a okay, I’m still moving, like I don’t know what’s going on with my head, but I know I’m live.

I remember, I looked up and he was just starring at me and took the butt of the gun and like smashed me in the face with it, knocks my teeth out, like I fall back, but I could still see at this point, and I don’t understand like – how I can see because I have so much damage to like my lung and heart.

I felt like his hands looking my pocket, digging for my car keys. When he’s trying to grab my keys, like it ended upon my stomach. I look up and I see my Jeep Commander driving away. He is driving away, flying away and I said okay, well, either I stay laid down in this spot right here and die or I tried to get up.

So I tried to push myself up but like take my left arm, take it right out, so gun shot to the chest bigger than a soup bowl and then my head all mashed up. I’m trying to push myself off the ground, kept trying and trying and I’m like you know what, one more, I’m going to try one more time and I pushed up and then I don’t know where I felt these arms from underneath me, pick me up. And I remember like swinging, trying to grab someone, there is no one around. And I was just like standing up still like a drunk, this is like Zombie, just like and I got this like a shove, like someone shove me from behind to go forward, I must of got about seven, eight feet, I just felt straight down. Because I remember I hit the ground, like on the stomach, oh my god, I went as far as I could, this shit is hurting like too much.

Let me just close my eyes and start relaxing, sure enough I closed my eyes and all the pain started going away.

And then I’d wake up real fast and be like-this this is not right, I just got shot 30 seconds ago, how is the pain stopping?

Like, I don’t worry about it. Go back to sleep, that’s a good feeling when you are sleeping.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
So I passed back out a little bit, and then I would be like dying, and then I’d wake myself up like my own voice third person, “hey man, get up man, you are dying.” And then I did that and then I heard, hey, hey, and I like started hearing this guy, he is like running over to me.

So when I fell there was like a probation officer had to stop like and he see me fall out of the woods like all bloody broad day light, and then I felt his hand on my back like, hey man you’re fine don’t – don’t, don’t close your eyes. You know, come on the ambulance is coming, they are coming. I’m like man like I just want to sleep, leave me alone man, then in my head like no you don’t, because if you fall sleep, you are sleeping forever.

And then I remember like getting out on the stretcher and they put me in the stretcher and this like the facial expression of the paramedic was just like a stunned look on his face but in the same time telling me, I look great, I looked beautiful like you are going to be fine, and then it’s just like blacked out, I went to like I was outside of the ambulance on my skateboard filming it like rolling telephoto filming of the ambulance, and the door is open, everyone is panicking, and I see my legs coming out, and it’s like once it gets to my head, blacked out.

I was pronounced dead on arrival right there, John Doe had nothing on me. He say doctors this kid is gone, doc said no. I’m here, let me try, let me try.

[Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story]

The Accurate Source To Find Transcript To Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story.”

[Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story]

Like when I was pronounced dead on arrival, like thrum in the body that he is head, like but doctor said, no like I’m going to try to help him.

This is a man who doesn’t know who I’m. He could have said, yeah, he is dead, all right and gone back home. He said, no, like, I feel something I’m going to try.

Did the heart surgery, gave me 24 hours to you know to see if I was still breathing on the ventilator. After 24 hours I was still live, they fixed my arm and my head, and I woke up three days later.

I remember like waking up and it was still all white like white everywhere and I’m like dead, dead.

I’m 17, I’m dead and then it starts to like come in, and it’s like I see curtains, like a freaking oxygen tank and I’m like – like started – then out of nowhere bam perfect vision, again I’m in the hospital, then I’m like tied down to the bed, because I got the breathing tube in me.
I got this thing pump in air into my lungs, so I started freaking out. There is a nurse stayed the whole time though I didn’t even noticed her, because I was all tied down, I just here screaming like, he is awake, he is awake.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
Then I see her like running out of the room then like running back like three more nurses and a doctor – just this women coming around the corner flying like throws her clipboard in the air, runs up to me, oh, my God, you look beautiful like, and then in my head I’m like what you mean, when I look beautiful – I can’t even, what’s going on?

Why am I tied down? And then she is like all right one, two and like on two, she pulled that thing out of my throat man and then I got like, I got to breathe again like real air, like you know, of course, I coughed up a bowl of tar and bbs but everyone just looking at me like you are – you are alive like, you are breathing on your own right now like what’s your name? I don’t know. What year is it? What? Who is the President? Huh? Is there anyway we could contact anyone you know with the phone number. I said 2 – 7, out of anything my name, anything the year – only thing I remembered after that was my father’s phone number.

For three days my family didn’t know. My father was outside like spraying out the garage and he got the phone call from the hospital saying that, I think we’ve got your son, he’s been shot, but he is alive.

So I don’t know how my parents [ended], I don’t know how that feels like you are a father, like, so. I don’t know it chocks me up, because it’s like, it’s crazy.

But they came down and I remember like I seeing my mom coming and my dad and I’m looking at them I was like mom, we can’t get mad at me right now. She is like mad, you are alive, you are alive.

After like the fourth day, they are like, all right get up you know, start walking like let’s go, I’m like let’s go where? He is like you are going home tomorrow. I’m like it’s been five days. He is like dude, you don’t want to go home, what do you want to live in the hospital, you want to go live your life again.

I’m like sir, I got a hole in my chest the size of a teacup. He is like listen Ross, I give you a tip of advice, you live through this, you are going to be okay, just go home, live your life, don’t hang out these kids anymore.

After five days they sent me home, so like – I’m shot – you know, my parents are asking me questions. My dad is asking, what are we going to do about it, and I was like telling my dad, I know who did it you know.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
The next day like I have a movie like these men in suits came in, my dad is like, yeah, can I help you. And they pullout their badges and FBI out, they say the kids name. I’m like, yeah, I know him, that’s who shot me. It’s like oh, could you identify him through a picture. I was like of course, pull out picture of a kid, I said that’s him right there. He said, Ross, we have in custody.

I said, “how, I just woke up like two days ago, I just learned how my name again, like how to talk. He is like, the day Tyrone shots you, he called Blain and told him, so this kid shoots me and calls his buddy and says, I say shot Ross to dead. Kid is like, no, you didn’t you’re lying.

Just imagine another 15-year old kid saying to a 15-year old kid you know, so after they hang up, the kid he told calls the police on him, and he was met by SWAT team right at his front yard, got him. And like all I had to do was go to court and testify against him.

I went in there man in a wheelchair, heads still stapled, no teeth, 105 pounds, because all the blood I lost, arm cast, and I said in front of 40 of his family and to him, and he couldn’t look me in the eye, he had his head down the whole time.

I had to tell my story like this to everyone. That was the first one. I had to go back for the final sentencing and that’s when I was healed like, so I walked back in the courtroom the second time, he comes out in a purple suit, top hat, Kane in sunglasses, this is the kid who shot me at court smiling while his family cheers and says, like way to shoot Ross, called me a coward, because I was taking the justice route. Like I didn’t lower myself to his standards and go try to kill him.

I spoke and the judge is like look at this kid and said you know, said his name and said: “Yo Ross, thank you”. And the kid just looked at the judge like what you mean, “because like if you were to kill Ross that day you would have got life in prison, since Ross is a warrior and survived, you get a second chance”, and he just slammed the gabble at him and said you have fun in prison for 35 years.

Well, I found out that the cause of the shooting was because he had to join a gang. That was his – as an initiation was kill a random person. He had to pick someone, so he just thought I would be the guy to pick.

You know that happened in 2007, about four years and I’m telling the first two were the hardest and it’s hard like waking up and knowing like someone trying to like shoot you down and you got to get through that everyday like seeing people, I get on the bus – public bus, I’m freaking out the whole time, like I don’t trust anyone on the bus.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
For a while my mother had like take care of me as like how you do an infant like washing, changing, feeding, like I’m 17 years old like I got my mother bathing me. I can’t move, like I got no hand, I can’t talk, I’m all weak, you know, my dad and mom like Ross, like come out like the doctor say, like give a time; then all my friends they coming to see me hanging out with me.

I started to get more positive. One day I woke up and I just I felt different like; as you know, I was like, this is my world, that’s what like every time the physical therapy like I’d try to do something, mess up, I like well, it’s like a alley backside flip like, you are going to mess up and until you try it and landed, when I mess up, I really you know, I had backside flip and then I get like I do something with my hand and like put the thing; and doctor called yeah, good job, like you did it, Um, I’m like, so I like started living my life as skateboarding, it’s been working.

[Ross Capicchioni:] Source:
I’m very blessed like, I see it now like before like you know well-I’m so unlucky like I got – I went through all this getting shot and really like I look at it now after like maturing and growing up like, it just gave me like a whole new leg up and life, and how I can live my life and it’s crazy like, it’s amazingly happy – it makes me happy to be alive, and it’s like so grateful for everything, I got to just look at what I got, I don’t look at what I don’t have, look at what I have.

Ross Capicchioni Amazing Shotgun Survival Story

Ross Capicchioni Amazing Shotgun Survival Story

Ross Capicchioni – Amazing Shotgun Survival Story. I look up and this kid is holding a shot gun like 10 feet away from me, just holding it right at me. Complete Full Amazing Shotgun Survival Story Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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