Nathan Confesses

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[Nathan Confesses]

Alright, tell me what you did?
I had fun.
No, what did you do?
What did I do?
What did you do at Ron’s house?
That I ordered something off of Ebay.
What did you order?
It was a Xbox 360.
How many Xbox 360’s?
Just one.
How many?
Two. They cost $75 dollars.
No, $7,500 dollars.
They cost $7,500 dollars.
Do you know how much $7,500 dollars is?
That’s the price of a vehicle, Nathan. You basically bought a small car.
More than mom’s car.
That’s more than what we paid for your moms car.
Do you understand how much money that is?
That’s a lot of money, dude.
That –
Why did you buy – how much money was the Xbox before you put $7,500 on it?
It was $70.00 dollars, you bid $6,900 plus dollars?
[Hey, dad!]
Hey, dad! Daddy, Ebay is a website on my computer.
Yeah, it’s a website on everyone’s computer. But you are not getting on the internet every again, kid.
Whisper in my ear, again.
I’m not whispering, I’m pretty mad at you dude, this is ridiculous.
Are you taking a picture?
I’m taking a video. It’s evidence and a crime.
You just basically –
Now play it for me.
I’m not going to play it for you right now, I’ll play it for you later.
Dad, I want to brush my teeth now.
Okay. Tell me – tell me again what you did?
What did I order off of Ebay.
What, tell me what you ordered?
Xbox 360.
Are you glad that you did it? Are you glad that you did it or are you mad that you did it.
I’m mad that I did it.
Good. Thank you. Are you going to do it again.
No, never.
Is anyone ever gonna let you play on their phone again.
Do you promise no more bids on Ebay. Nathan look at me.
Yes, I promise no more bids on Ebay.
Okay, thanks.
How many brushes am I doing?
All of them. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Nathan Confesses

Nathan Confesses

Nathan Confesses. It was $70.00 dollars, you bid $6,900 plus dollars? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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