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Hostage Situation At Alabama Credit Union

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[Hostage Situation At Alabama Credit Union]

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The suspect enters the Credit Union just before 9:03 carrying a bucket. He’s seen messing with the door and then, the most unusual thing in a situation like this, he has a dog with him.

While at the door, some customers leave unharmed. Just seconds before 9:05, two people, who appear to be bank employees, approach the suspect. Within 30 seconds, the suspect draws a gun from his bucket.

People in the bank scatter, including the two who were talking to him, their hands held high. The suspect is seen waving his gun around, letting go of his dog’s leash.

At 9:06, the suspect runs over and grabs a man, a bank employee, holds him at gunpoint and leads him to the door. He has the employee lock the front door.

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The suspect then gathers everybody inside the bank and sends them to one part of the building near the front. Now, during the next few minutes, you can see other bank customers try to enter the Credit Union, a few come to the door, realize it’s locked, and even peek inside.

At 9:34, the suspect holds three of the hostages at gunpoint by the front door. He has them on their knees with their hands behind their heads. And as you can see, the suspect’s dog walks around the hostages, sniffing them.

At 9:36, the suspect lines the hostages up and walks them to the back.

At 10:53, the suspect leads one of the hostages to the front door and let’s him go.

At 10:55, two hostages run out the front door, clearly afraid. The first person, a woman, makes it out okay, but the man behind her falls to the ground then struggles to crawl away from the building.

It was just after this at 10:56, you see the suspect come to the front door. He suddenly falls, possibly hit by something and at that moment the SWAT team charges in from every direction.

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In the end, nobody was injured. All 13 hostages survived.

Hostage Situation At Alabama Credit Union

Hostage Situation At Alabama Credit Union

Hostage Situation At Alabama Credit Union. The suspect draws a gun from his bucket. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.