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Racism And Bullying In Prior Lake Minnesota

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[Racism And Bullying In Prior Lake Minnesota]


[Bradley Knudson:] Source:
Hello, uh…this is not scripted, so I’m going to make mistakes. It’s very emotional. We – we have a very beautiful African American daughter that we were very fortunate enough to adopt 11 years ago. And we have – we’ve dealt with a little bit of racism, you know stares things like that that when she calls his mom or dad, but she is never noted, she didn’t notice and so we just blew it off because it was directed towards us. But this past New Year’s Eve, my daughter had a friend over, they were having fun, they were doing selfies and sending them out to their friends on Snapchat and things like that. Well this girl that does not like my daughter was having – was at a friend’s house apparently a couple of twins, a freshman from Prior Lake.

And these twins decided to send my daughter some Snapchats, well with Snapchat you hold the button down, when you receive it, you listen to it or view it and then it disappears. Well, after the third video, my daughter’s friend, who is Caucasian came and told my wife and I did, these things were happening, and what the content of it was – not only was it bullying, but it was also racism. And so, when they got the fourth message from these kids, the fourth one, not the first one, the fourth one, my wife and I decided to take out my phone and video tape it as it was happening on the phone and I want to show this to you really quick.

[Video Clip Plays Of Bullying]

“Eric can I paint your toe nails.”

“Wait…You’re such a slut.”


“You’re such a slut.”



“You’s a fat ass bitch.”

“Yes, you are.”

[Brad Knudson:] Source:
So I apologize, you probably couldn’t see it very well, but as you can imagine my wife and I were extremely shocked. I found out who these kids were. I attempted to call the twins parents, left like multiple messages, never got anything back. I went to their house numerous times, nobody would ever answer the phone or I’m sorry answer the door. And so, I reached out to the police because a week and a half ago, some of our very good friends their son committed suicide at the age of 13 because of bullying and at that point, it just dawned on me. I can’t have this hanging over us and my daughter thinking the worst and something could happen.

So I went to the police, told the police what happened, gave them the video. They went to the school, talk to the police that are stationed at the school, brought the kids in, talked to the parents, asked if it was okay if I called the parents I got the cellphone to the father. And when I got the cellphone to the father, I found they got a whole of this individual, I am not going to call him a gentleman because he is far from it. And I talked to him and he told me, he didn’t understand what was wrong with the video because one – their kids didn’t even know my daughter. And I was like well that makes it even ‘double bad’. You don’t even know my daughter. He told me, I was crazy that he – that’s what, what ‘he did when he was a kid’ and that him and his family make jokes at the house using this word all the time, so what was the big deal.

Said a few things to him that I can’t repeat over this video then hung up on him because I couldn’t take it anymore. And so, I probably get this email or I’m sorry text that – or jeez, sorry, I’m upset, this voice mail back from him and this is what it said.

[Mr. Puro (Bullies Father):]
Yeah, Brad times have turned huh? I guess you are a niger lover call me back…

[Brad Knudson:] Source:
So I received that voice mail. Doing what I am doing now. I can’t believe that there is even freaking individuals like this alive, but there are. And uh…so, I called him back and I said well, yeah, that’s a correct statement. I’m a lover because I have a beautiful African American daughter, who I love more than life itself and would do anything for her. And said a few more choice words to him and hung up on him again. He called back numerous times and he left one another voice message. Let you hear this one.

[Mr. Puro (Bullies Father):]
Hey, Brad. You’re a fag. Grow up. Touch base with your kids and uh…you’re a looser.

[Brad Knudson:] Source:
So I just – I – you know and during our conversations he said, I said, well I’m going to post this on social media, I don’t care. I said so you and your kids own this. Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem. So, okay, so I’m posting it. And I said I’m going to tell your name because I don’t care. So his name is Deron, its either Da or Deron, last name is Puro and we live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

And so, I just want him to own it. And his twins that go to high school as a freshman. They could own it too. Thank you.

I just had to get this off my chest. I just don’t know what to do, other than I love my daughter and I don’t want her to end up committing suicide because of freaking morons like this god damn asshole sorry. Thanks, bye.

Racism And Bullying In Prior Lake Minnesota. And what the content of it was – not only was it bullying, but it was also racism. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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