Electrical Wiring Problems

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[Electrical Wiring Problems]

Okay, are you recording? So, we got rid of the fan that was in the bathroom, as you can see I installed this lovely new light.
I thought I wired everything exactly the way it was. But it’s not functioning the way it did. As you can see this light still operates this light. However, this light over here – this switch rather over here used to operate this light now turns on this light for some reason and as an added bonus I can go back to this light – and this light it give it more power for some – you see that for some reason. Okay.

Even better I can turn this off, hold on, I’m turning this on and off and nothings happening, I can turn this one off, I can plug this into the plug below this switch and turn the light on via hair dryer.

(But it doesn’t turn the hair dryer on.)

But it doesn’t turn the hair dryer on. Here’s low. Here’s high. See a difference – look!~ Low, low. High. Low, high. Soft, bright, so we gotta figure this out, ridiculous, what will happen if I trip the breaker, it goes out.

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