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Peter Draws How Do You Know When Stop Drawing

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Hi, everyone. My name is Peter. I’m a person who draws things. I think we can all agree art is a strange and marvelous thing and not one of us can truly really wholly or in any other way all together know art or what it is I don’t even know what art is a little bit, I just know how it’s spelt. ART just so, just to prove it.

Sometimes people ask Peter, how do I know when to stop drawing, how do you know, how does anybody know when is a drawing complete, this is done when is it finished.

I don’t know the difference between done and finished is but there’s no science to it at least when it comes in my opinion. There’s no you know rigorous set of rules you can apply it to or run it through no checklist to run down, no pre-flight checklist post-drawing checklist nothing like that. It’s more of a gut thing.

At any point the drawing you may feel like – you may feel like you’re stuck it could be when you feel like you’re stuck. Sometimes when you feel like you are stuck you can just come right back to it later, little later time maybe five minutes later, an hour later, a year later but it could be if you’re stuck it could be that the drawing is done.

It could – I’m not saying that if you’re struck the drawing is done. But it could be I’m saying that lots of times when my drawing is done. I just – it’s just that I don’t have anything else to add to it, I’m just like uh… I just look at it. It doesn’t, sometimes I don’t even see it coming, it’s – I was drawing and then I pick up my hand from the paper and look for something else to add and I just don’t see anything else to add and it’s that simple.

And I realize if I did add anything else, that it would be detrimental to the A.R.T., art you know what I’m saying. So there’s not like I wish I could give you a better answer you know like – I feel like people – obviously people want good crisp, clean crispy answers when they ask questions like how do I know when my drawing finished but I don’t have a nice crispy answer for you.

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All I have is keep drawing and draw a lot and you’ll finally, I mean its like a very personal – art in general is a very personal thing you know, I don’t want to tell you how to know when your drawing finished but as always, well I always say, you know is draw a lot and you’ll learn about yourself and how your artwork how your art-making process works.

In my own art-making process has changed tons over the years I mean I used to draw all sorts – I mean the stuff I’m drawing now I mean look at it, it’s weird, it’s crazy I don’t even like I have the time but I mean I like it more than what I – I mean people have finally stopped asking for the most part but I used to draw so many mandalas right. I mean I might start again sometime but I used to draw so many mandalas it was almost exclusively mandalas however you say the word mandalas and Zentangles. I still draw slightly Zentanglily stuff sometimes but I mean we all go through phases we learn about ourselves what we like drawing, what we can draw, what we want to draw, what we wish we were drawing. What we see in our head isn’t what we actually put on the paper. And that all you know a tiny part of that is – knowing when to stop and do you know we don’t always know know when to stop it’s just we do have to stop at drawing some time.

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So just – the fun part about stopping a drawing is that you can move on to the next one I guess so it’s not end the world stopping a drawing – just, yeah, do it up.

Its cool, trust me its cool, don’t get stressed out about it. There’s always the next one or the other side of the paper, the other side of papers, yeah, huh-huh. Huh-huh!

Peter Draws How Do You Know When Stop Drawing

Peter Draws How Do You Know When Stop Drawing

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