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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – Three

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[Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – Three]

[Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – Part One]

Uh this is uh…not –

I thought wee were going to do this inside?

Yeah, me too but I came out here for the grape and the door closed and I’m locked out.

How are you going to get back in?

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Oh, I guess I’ll just wait it out and that’s about we’re in the process of doing. I like it sometimes when people get stuck in places and they start to tell secrets. I guess I need to wear deodorant.


In between my shell and my shoe oh, that’s the hot zone. Do you want to know what the truth is about shrimps?


They’re the idiots of the sea. One time I saw shrimp just – just swim right into a rock. Sometimes when I get stressed out, my shell feels tight, but I – I have a ways of unwinding.


What’s about the grape?

Oh, well, it’s supposed to be a surprise.

For me?

Yeah, it was going to be much more of a grand reveal. It’s going to roll up behind the pillow and then have some friends move the pillow, so that you could see it. And also, I guess, I promised them that they could watch you eat it because I was like, ‘I know this guy who can eat a whole grape,’ they were like ‘B.S.’ but you could right? [*Thunder Cloud Sound*]…oh, I think the storms rolling in.

You’ve been out here during a storm before?

No, well, it looks like I might.

If you had favorite saying, what it would be?

Life’s a party, rock your body. ACHOO! Wow, sorry. I have allergies to plants. ACHOO! Oh darn it. One time a friend of mine came out here and he got caught in a spider web.

Did he get eaten?

Uhh no, they got along but… ACHOO …ah…

Are you okay?

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I’m fine. I’m just I’m embarrassed. Can you cut it, cut, okay…

You can’t say cut.

All right, well.

Do you need help?

Can we just please move on. Well, while we’re out here maybe I could – I could sing the song now.

Yeah, sure.

I’ll just do it. Oh, you know what actually I think we should go in, because we got to crack now.

Right, but when you come out here though…

Well, we could really talk about this inside.

Do you want to go in right now?

I’d like to go inside yeah.


Yeah, let’s just do that.

When you come to the end of a Perfect Day and you sit alone with your thoughts
When the chimes ring out with a carol gay for the joy that the day has brought
Do you think what the end of a Perfect Day can mean to tired heart
When the sun goes down with a flaming ray and the dear friends have to part?

That’s beautiful.


Where did you learn that?

[Marcel] Source:
I learned at a camp and I sing it because my best friend lives far away.

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