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Ozzy Man Reviews Bunny Vs Dogs

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[Ozzy Man Reviews Bunny Vs Dogs]

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Welcome to the middle of butt fuck nowhere. There is a bunny on the run from two dodgy dogs. One could say that the bunny is the underdog. Ha ha ha ha ha…. Don’t be fooled though, this bunny is not a dumbass.

Look at it chuck a fucking right-hand turn. We’re dealing with a slippery bastard. Now it says, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya, and the dog struggle to keep up.

They do manage to close the gap again, but the bunny chucks a fucking lingering lefty this time. There’s a horse. The bunny gets cocky, he’s yelling, yeah, come at me you dimwitted mutts. Humans use me as a mascot for their fucking batteries. I can run all day, I can root all day, you got nothing on me you dopey fuckwitts.

Now he gets caught. No, he gets away. Gee whiz! I thought the dogs made him eat his words.

But now he says, kiss my fluffy ass, sniff it, fucking sniff it you dickheads.

I will stress that he is not out of trouble; left, right, left, right, sharp left, and he bee-lines towards the trenches. Here are some humans wanting to see blood, classic humans. The cameraman is drunk.

Oh, there they are. The bunny is saying, I am everywhere, I am nowhere, I am Keyser Söze, I’m tired of fucking running and you can’t see me. The dogs reply, catch me outside, how about that. The bunny says, gee, that’s original. Do you get all your comebacks from Dank memes? And that really pisses off the dogs, but this bunny just keeps going and going and going. And there’s more action here, than a Michael Bay movie. Fuck that was close.

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Where is the little wanker? I can’t see him. Oh, oh oh… he’s bloody; zigzagging all over their faces and now he’s heading for the cover of bush. The dogs are slowing down, the bunny has vanished. Fuck yes bunny, fuck yes mate.

Ozzy Man Reviews Bunny Vs Dogs

Ozzy Man Reviews Bunny Vs Dogs

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Ozzy Man Reviews Bunny Vs Dogs. Catch me outside, how about that! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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