Jenna Marbles Hello Young People It’s Hillary Clinton Again

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[Jenna Marbles Hello Young People It’s Hillary Clinton Again]


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Hello young people of our great nation of America. It’s me again your girl, Hill Daddy. The presidential election is coming up in just over a month and I just wanted to take a moment to catch up with all my millennial homeys and fellows and ladies out there. I need you to get out there and vote for me, Chillary Chillhill, because I will be the dake-ist, dope-ist, bomb-ist president this great nation has ever seen.

And speaking of things that are dank, here are some dank things that I know we can agree on. Like the middle class, education, working Americans, people that work, America middle class, going to work and working, but our common thread doesn’t stop there. Although I might be older, richer, more powerful, better looking, closest to the elite ruling class our country has ever seen, great hair in here were exactly the same.

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I love video games just as much as anyone. Here I am just live streaming like I usually would. [coughs]

Chillary Clinton, are you okay?

[Jenna Marbles:]
It’s just a relaxing thing that I like to do in my free time to connect with all my young people out there. I know you young people listen to EDM, but have you ever heard ED America.

Chillary come vote for me, come chill with me and vote for me. I am chilling. Come chill with me. I will get you a job. Middle class.

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I am chilling. Do you need a job, because I will get you a job. Yeah, I am chilling. Come vote for me. It’s Chillary, your girl. I Love Chipotle! Please go to my website. Please go to my website. (Hey, oh! Hey, oh! Hey, oh! Hey, oh!) Please go to my website I am you ASKING YOU NICELY TO GO TO MY WEBSITE.

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Just like you, I like to Uber everywhere. A skirt, skirt – I said no eye contact. You know what – just let me out here.

SECRETARY Clinton, we’re on the highway.

[Jenna Marbles:]
I know where we are. Do you think I give a fuck? I care about my body just like you holla back youngins. So I work out every day. This is me on my elliptical.

This is a couch.

[Jenna Marbles:]
Oh, is that where are you?

[Jenna Marbles:]
To give you a more intimate look at my life, I’ve created a video blog webisode called Keeping Up with the Clindashians.

[Jenna Marbles:]
Get the fuck away from me.

And just like you here I am working on important business creating work jobs for working families and the middle class doing my job at work while working and creating work for jobs and my business.

Look here and…

You just deleted the entire hard drive.

[Jenna Marbles:]

[Jenna Marbles:]
I update my snap story every day. My favorite thing to do is to face swap with myself. Although I have a website, it looks like most of you aren’t going to it. So I figured out a way to implement my website across all platforms, all platforms.

Hello, I’m Hillary Clinton. Welcome to my website.

What the fuck is this? I can’t get out of it.

Click over here to see how I plan to get you a job.

I’m playing a game. I’m not even connected to the Internet.

Hello. I am Hillary Clinton and welcome to my website.

Is that an ad? This is a DVD?

Click over here for all things Chill Hill.

Hello, I’m Hillary Clinton and welcome to my website. Thank you for coming here. I’m really just out here trying to put the IRL in Hillary. You know what I’m saying?

How did you even get in here?

And if you ever see me out in the world, don’t be scared. I don’t bite. Just come up and shake my hand. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Hillary Clinton.

So make sure you get out there and vote for me, Hillary Clinton, please. It’s my turn, my turn, me. I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

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Senator Clinton, we your sandwich.

Leave me alone.

Jenna Marbles Hello Young People It's Hillary Clinton Again

Jenna Marbles Hello Young People It’s Hillary Clinton Again

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