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[Jenna Marbles – Girl Life Hacks]

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. This week I really want to make a video about some girl life hacks that I think that everyone should know. So hopefully you’ll find it helpful. My first life hack is if you know you have get up early in the morning, go to bed with a full face of makeup on, then that way when you wake up you’ll have like most of your makeup left on and all you have to do is just go over some of it and no one would ever be able to tell and you just saved yourself so much time, and so much easier.

Right, my next girl hack is to untangle your hair the easy way. So you basically just want to rip it out of your head as hard as you can um…and even then if it’s not cooperating, you try it verbally of using it. You could tell it to die and stuff like that and uh…you could threaten it. And then it go to you exactly what you want it to.

My next trick is if you run out of deodorant, all you need to do is just spray perfume all over yourself and then make sure for the rest of day, he don’t move your arms at all. And then if you see anybody else during the day, and they start to notice that something smells, just act like you don’t know what they’re talking about. And then blame it on someone else. I mean this trick has saved my life literally so many times.

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My next hack is for when you don’t have time get a spray tan. Don’t worry just put your tan on all the places that are visible from whatever shirt you’re wearing. No one will ever be able to tell, because you look tan everywhere. But don’t let anyone see you naked, unless they really know you as a person.

If you are ever running really late, you don’t have time to cook anything for breakfast, just eat a big giant gulp of air. Society tells women they should eat that anyways. And plus you can take it on the go and it tastes great, like it tastes amazing. So it’s really cheap and easy and fast when you’re on the go.

Ever forget to brush your teeth, maybe you’re on walk of shame, just take your shirt and brush your teeth with that its as good as brushing your teeth I swear its amazing. And if you ever forget to put on lipstick you don’t have any with you just bite your lips as hard as you can, like if you can draw blood that’s even better, because blood is red and its super in right now. But it looks great, it seriously it just brings out your natural coloring in your face, your eyes, it’s amazing.

My next trick is that if you really want to wear that dress later to a party, but you just don’t want to shave your legs at all, you should try pants. And I mean if you wear them every single day you literally never have to save again, its such a life saver. A great trick for organizing your socks and underwear, is just in a pile and then just smash them in your drawers, as hard as you can and then if it doesn’t close just push harder.

Whenever, you’re painting your nails and you don’t want to wait for them to dry, you can just blow them to dry with your mind, like really hard, concentrate and then they get fucked up. Just tell people that its part of the design because you know – ‘not caring’ is super, super trendy right now.

My next life hack is when you have bunch of necklaces that are in a knot they’ve gotten tangled. Don’t try and untangle them like gently and carefully, just pull them as hard as you can and like wipe them around, because eventually those will just break themselves lose. It usually works every time, but if doesn’t then just put on your new necklaces. And bonus, it also works great with cords.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what you want for Halloween this year, just remember, a killer makeup application can totally out way the need for a costume. So just start with something, simple and basic like white face, you could tell me if you’re a ghost, or that you’re Michael Jackson, or the ghost of Michael Jackson, it is totally up to you. But wow, happy Halloween.

So yeah, those are the life hacks that I have for you guys this week. I hope that you found them helpful and I will see you guys next time, bye.

I’ve been in a such troolie mood lately. Nothing against the beauty and style community, but I just something was a little bit of room for fuckery in there, that’s all. So those were my, super helpful life hacks. Some I may or may not have actually done on more than one occasion, definitely guilty of necklaces and fake tan and ripping my hair out of my head. Yeah, Litchi, truly insulting.

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Don’t put eyebrows on her, she already has eyebrows.

[Jenna Marbles:]
No, she is going to get some like the Instagram picture. Everyone has been requesting because she is so little and blonde that I just gave her some eyebrows.

[Julien Solomita:]
Yeah I’ll also hold – all over that… (inaudible)

[Jenna Marbles:]
Its safe for the first — yeah, you look surprise.

[Julien Solomita:]
Peach peach

[Jenna Marbles:]
You look just like your mummy. Oh yes we’re BFFs now – good eyebrows, good eyebrows. Yes you’re so pretty you’re mom is so good aren’t you? I love you.

All right you make sure you subscribe to our channel! We put out new videos every Wednesday! I hope you…

[Julien Solomita:]
She is a dad’s girl.

[Jenna Marbles:] Source:
No, her eyebrows look better than mine. I hope you enjoyed my life hacks and found them helpful and troll, troll, troll, troll, troll. Okay see you guys next weeks bye.

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