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My friends, I’m so happy. I have something incredible to tell you. Turkish Airlines has accepted our request. Yesterday, out of nowhere kind of crazy idea, we asked them, if they would be willing to make available one of their flights, for Somalia. To fill it with food and bring it there. Turkish Airlines have seen all of the tweets. And they called us to say “WE ARE IN”. “We are letting you use a cargo flight. We can fly 60 TONS OF FOOD! [60 TONS] On the 27th of March. Monday the 27th of March 2017. We are going to fill one flight from Istanbul to Somalia! It’s incredible. So congratulations everybody.

The second thing, is now we have to fill that flight up. We need a certain type of food. NGO’s on the ground are telling us it’s rice, flour, sugar, and special biscuits, understand that some people are suffering from extreme malnutrition, and some types of food could kill them. We need very special kind of food to buy this food.

We’ve thought a lot, and since so many people are offering to donate we’ve decided for the first time to ask everybody to participate, we’re creating this huge fund. Fund for Somalia and every penny, every cent, will be spent by us for food and for water.

I can promise you there won’t be one cent going elsewhere.

We are not a big charity there will be no salary for anyone.

Everything goes to Somalia.

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I promise it on my life.

So there is a GoFundMe page that you can share EVERYWHERE and more importantly, YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE if you are young, why not tomorrow for lunch, skip your kebab. Skip your kebab!!! And put $5 on the fund instead.

If you are less young, if you are parents, if sometimes you like to give to charities this time it’s something unique.

We are going to do it OURSELVES!!!

We are doing it TOGETHER

You will see it real time what we are doing.

You will see where the money goes.

We will be extremely TRANSPARENT.


Let’s use a hashtag once again to make noise so that this fun is known by everyone.

The hashtag this time is #LoveArmyForSomalia

Why Love Army?

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Because the way we came together yesterday it was a MOVEMENT.

A movement that came from the heart.

So it’s a LOVE ARMY.


Let’s put this hashtag EVERYWHERE.

Tell everyone about this crowdfunding.

We’ve succeeded in the first step which was getting the flight.


We have to fill it with food.

I don’t know if I said it at the beginning of my video but Turkish Airlines is willing to let us use more of their flights !!! In case we would get more than 60 TONS OF FOOD !!!

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Let’s go.

Jerome Jarre Love Army For Somalia

Jerome Jarre LoveArmyForSomalia

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