Chris Crocker – Fuck Friends

Parental Advisory

I’m so sick of people not trying to get into my pants. What kind of bitch do you think I am. I don’t want friends. I’m dead serious – are you kidding me – I don’t talk to people who don’t want to fcck me. I don’t keep anyone in my life who doesn’t want to fucc me. Why do you think I’m estranged to my family. I don’t talk to people who don’t want to fucc me. I don’t need friends – i don’t want friends. I don’t want to go out to the movies. I don’t want dinner and a movie. Bitct I want some dinner and some sex. On myspace – who’d I’d like to met? Someone who is after my azz and not my heart. Okay, shic, I’m so sick of these Bitctes trying to be my friend and not trying to fcc me and I mean this shic – friends come and go – fucc buddies are forever!

Okay, yall say its the boys that come and go and the friends are forever. Bitct please, I keep the boys coming back for more. As long as you got the good secs – baby – thats all – thats all it takes to keep it lasting and baby it will last-s.

Friends come and go and fuc buddies are forever – and forever. At least for me. Okay, I’m at that place in my life where I don’t need friends – I don’t need a pat on the back – when I’m down. I need a pat on the sack. Not a pat on the back – fuc friends – literally and figuratively – I don’t need em – I have nothing to do with them – what kind of bictc do you think I am? I don’t keep people in my life who do not want – what I got in my pants and I’m my mouth – and its that simple and if you see me on the street do not talk to me unless you want to fuc me – even if I don’t want to fuc you – I want you to fuc me – know that shit – I mean that shit – Don’t talk to me unless you mean business.