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[ChokeOnFunny – Fat Slob – Eminem Rap God Parody]

[Eminem – Rap God]

Look… I was going to go easy on you not to hurt your feelings
But I’m only going to get this one chance

[Background] Source: LYBIO.net
Chicken nuggets. Chick-Chick-Chicken nuggets for me… I like Chicken Nuggets

Something’s going wrong with you, I can see it
And everybody else can too
I mean really, look at yourself
You’re disgusting
All you do is eat fatty foods and play video games all day
Tell me…When was the last time you went outside?

I’m beginning to feel like fat slob (fat slob)
I eat so much damn food my arteries (ries clog)
My arms aren’t even strong enough do some push up (push ups)
I haven’t even shaved my face I don’t give a what (a what)
Well I’m gettin so fat I can barely fit in my jeans
I got a hot dog in my back pocket
It tastes so good when I chomp chomp it
Chili cheese on it and I’m gonna vomit
Cuz I’m gettin indigestion from it
Eat a few Tums so that they can calm it
Instead of getting spots looking at this dudes nut sack
Here’s a jock strap put this on it
Cuz it’s rude and it’s indecent as all hell
Oh well, its appalling…so I’m walking
This slippery stickety figgitty fudge pop
You don’t really wanna go lay down on a mat
Do sit ups, hurt your back
Attackin the fact that’s it’s wack I attack
Get a Big Mac, Snack Pack, BK Double Stack
And at the exact same time, I attempt to eat this extra large fry while I dip in in that
I get some Cheetos maybe a few bags of Doritos, who knows what’s gonna happen, probably have a heart attack

I was told to get a colonic by some workout jerk with a yoga mat
So I told the guy no, told him that my butthole is just a one way track
A tube up my ass is not happening so I think I’ll pass
it actually sounds disastrously bad
This guy’s full of crap even though technically there’s no crap in his ass

I’m begging to feel like fat slob (fat slob)
Feeling like a big gelatinous blob (nis blob)
But that just means there’s more of me to be awesome (awesome)
Let me show you maintaining this look ain’t that hard (that hard)

Well I feel like the king of the sea tuck a bib in my seat when I eat at red lobster
The endless shrimp are delicious
The same thing with the cheddar bay biscuits
Only been here for an hour taken two shits
I hope my date doesn’t get annoyed, that I got a little poop on my dress pants (PEW)
Mc D’s I’m aching to do this.. cuz i wanna use this
I gotta coupon for EXTRA FRIES
Now I’m gonna eat a weeks worth of Gluten
Me? I’m a product of bacon, shake and bake, n fried chicken
F A T that’s what I am
Wound’t pay a million bucks to get slim
Gonna eat so much I think I might throw up, upchuck
and be in a position
Going Down on that porcelain
Boot and rally then jump back in
Source: LYBIO.net

My roll dog’s the same
Every time we walk through doors of an all you can buffet
We get two trays, everybody in the place, they all know our names, we should be ashamed
You guys think it’s all a game
But we’re gonna eat everything
I got steak and tell me what in the hell were you thinking
What a terrible choice
No way to explain it without having to raise up my voice
I’m witnessing a massacre on your plate like I’m watching you watch your weight little boy

No way that’s not ok, hear what I say little boy
Get rid of that crap, get a full rack
And get that food off the table, push it all on the floor
Hey looking boy, what you saying looking boy
I don’t why I keep saying looking boy
I should try to rhyme other words I have
Instead of just saying the same thing as before
But that’s a chore
The song already has enough words
Em musta thought it didn’t need anymore

I’m beginning to feel like a fat slob fat slob (Fat Slob)
I’m eating large amounts of corn on the cob (The Cob)
The way I’m cleaning up this plate call me Rosanne Barr (Rosanne Barr)
My cholesterol’s 323 and I don’t care none
Filling me up another plate of that pork fried rice with soy sauce (Soy Sauce)

So you get sore and you get swollen
Ya need me I’m outside smoking
Back to back I’m still going immediately with this smoke I’m blowin
You shouldn’t smoke cigarettes..noted
I heard what you said, your words went into my head but now they’re goin
Aren’ t you late for Yoga
I’m eating ramen noodles, and boxes of apple stroodles
Call of Dutying, grab my controller put some bullets through you
You’ll see, my head shots are brutal
But I’m gonna mute you, so I don’t hear you cry like a noob though

It’s good at least once in a while
To rub your legs down
Get up walk around
Eat a little more strudel
It’s lunch time and
Now I gotta go stand in a Chipotle Line
Because it’s Burrito time
I get two and both of em are all mine
Wrappers of candy getting thrown around my fresh ride
I don’t care if you judge me because I
Am a guy who don’t mess around
When it comes too me getting that sweet sugar high
Now it’s crunch time and sometimes I apply
I little bit of extra sugar to mine
You get to big and here they come tryin ta
Make you diet like that one time
All the way back when I weighed 851, and I couldn’t even
Get my gigantic fat ass outside
And I almost died
From a blood clot that came creeping up on my left side
But see I get away with it now cuz I ain’t as big as I was
Cuz I….eat, then barf into this portal of this little toilet
I know Bolemia’s really not normal
But I don’t what the heck that you lift for
It’s as pointless as milk shake with out another one
That’s not normal
I think it’s normal
Source: LYBIO.net

And I just got a number 1
From the drive thru
Got a number 3 too
So that I could have me a little snack
And hey I know ya think that it’s bad
And that it’s kinda sad
But it’s kinda rad
Now I’m eating bugles
Man oh Man I should really be a co-star on that man verses food show
Sometimes I talk to my food, and I say
“Hey burger, Imma eat you”
Lyrics coming at you with super sonic speed (I’m so fat)

AHHH Get me some of that Lasagna from my mama if you wanna
Could you take a run up to the kitchen to get me soda
Never mating and I’m made of blubber so that anything you make is going straight into my face there’s nothing you can do
Intimidating more than ever devastating
Each and every edible confection in your oven that you might me baking
Never dating and there are no women I’ll be penetrating
Cuz my diabetes makes it difficult for hanky panky
But i’ve gotten really good at masturbating
I got elevating blood presh
As I’m recording this music
“Oh he’s unhealthy”
Well that’s what they say and it makes me wanna lose it
Got my spot at the I Hop
Order pancakes and then I abuse it
I get all the flavors they got
The red velvet make me wanna lose it

I don’t know how you eat food like that
Its seems like you barely chew
Let me say something back to you
Any time you wanna say something feel free not too
Your words are real annoying and you’re attitude
One more word I’ll have to murder you
To make you understand I do what I want to, just don’t you run away because I can’t catch you (urghhh)

I smell funky, food junkie
But look at the way I crush 20 McNuggies
Full of myself but still hungry
I’m clearing this shelf cuz I need some food
I’m a real hungry dude and I
Love some Campbell’s chunky
I’m filled when I finish some
It’s MMM (MMM) good in my tummy
I dunk so tasty i won’t wait I start me my meal in my front seat
It’s heavy me and the boys
Yo Pass that chunky monkey
But at the seams I can feel my jeans tugging and struggling
Now I am eatin devil dogs shove one in my tummy

Women are asking me to eliminate some of extra weight
But if you take into consideration
The love of baked goods I have
Then you may be a little patient and more sympathetic
To my waist band and understand the discrimination
But what if
Life’s handing you lemons, bake lemon cake then
But if I can’t find fatter women, how the heck am I supposed to get myself laid then
Don’t mistake turkey bacon
It’s a fatal mistake
And I gotta purchase me an extra seat when I take a vacation
I’m such a lard
You’ll find no weights in my basement
I can’t lift them y’all
Hit the gym, think not why hit gym when you can be a slob

Written By Christopher Culosi And Keith Williams-Parker

Beat Created By DJsNeverEndingStory


Beat: http://djsneverendingstory.com/

ChokeOnFunny – Fat Slob – Eminem Rap God Parody. I’m beginning to feel like fat slob (fat slob). I eat so much damn food my arteries (ries clog). Complete Full Song Lyrics, Text, Words To Songs, Read Lyrics Of Songs, Song, Words And Accurate Lyrics.

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