Difference Between German And French Nutella Explained

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[Difference Between German And French Nutella Explained]

Tonight, Karambolage will conduct a scientific examination of a question that plagues many Germans and French alike.

On the right, we have a Frenchman in a French kitchen, with his jar of French Nutella.

And on the left, a German in his German kitchen with his jar of German Nutella.

At first look there is almost no difference.

You would have to look very carefully, to notice any difference in ingredients.

They are obviously very slight. Ok, let us open the jars.

The colour is about the same, German Nutella a bit darker, but they do look different.

You can clearly see: German Nutella is matted, while the French shines.

Lets test that consistency: Both of our friends will stick a knife in their jars. Look.

Our German friend must use some force, while on the French side knife goes in as through cream.

Our German friend can even lift the jar with his knife, while our Friench friend should better not try to do that.

Why this fundamental difference?

To answer this question, we at Karambolage have researched further.

We have tried to ask Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, for an explanation.

On the left our German friend is calling the Ferrero-Germany, while on the right our French friend is doing the same with Ferrero-France.

So: Ferrero admits that… French Nutella’s taste is somewhat sweater and nuttier, while German Nutella tastes more of cocoa.

But Ferrero is still unable to give us a satisfying answer regarding the question that robs us here at Karambolage of our sleep.

Perhaps that really don’t know.

But, because we here at Karambolage are nice, we shall now explain to Ferrero why their Nutellas must be different.

On the right our French friend smears his French bread with his French Nutella.

On the left, our German friend does the same with his German bread and Nutella.


See how they both bite into their tasty Nutella smeared bread.


It makes one’s mouth water.

Now, our friends will exchange their jars.

The French jar goes to Germany…

…the German to France.


Each takes a slice of bread and smears it with Nutella.

And what happens?

On German side, everything is just fine, our friend peppily spreads…

…his French Nutella on his bread.

Lets look now, what takes place on the French side:
As you can see, there is here a obvious incompatibility between French bread and German Nutella which as said has somewhat stronger consistence.

Our friend can try as much as he wants, but his soft white slide of bread just falls apart and crumbles.

A sheer disaster…

Now you surely understand, why French and German Nutella can’t have the same consistence.

Difference Between German And French Nutella Explained

Difference Between German And French Nutella Explained

Difference Between German And French Nutella Explained. German Nutella is matted, while the French shines. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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