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Have you ever wondered what makes McDonald’s food taste so “good” and cost so little?

I got my two sacks of MC Goodness right here. So what we’re going do, just give you an idea of how this food is breaking down in your body.

So I am just going to put it in some jars and kind of show you how it breaks down on its own over time over the next you know, four, five, six, seven months.

So in here we’ve got my favorite right there. The Big Mac. So we’re going to put the Big Mac right here in jar number one.

Chicken McGrill, there you go, boy let me tell you something the smell of this food, I just want to take a bite out of it already.

One of the worst things on the whole menu, the Filet-O-Fish. Look at thing it still looks terrible go in right in there.

Next Quarter Pounder, that actually looks like meat. That was the Quarter Pounder.

Some fantastic Fries, we are just going to dump right in this jar – right there.

In that last jar we’re going to get a hamburger from up the street, from a place where they actually make real hamburgers where they take the patties and they press them with their own hands and put them on the grill, you know it’s like real meat.

Lastly French Fries from a regular restaurant see what happens at the same time.

2 weeks later

Two weeks French Fries from a regular restaurant, two weeks French Fries from a McDonald’s restaurant.

Regular burger, two weeks sweaty mouldy burger in there.

Quarter Pounder with cheese that burger is all mouldy.

Filet-O-Fish just starting to mould.

Chicken McGrill that’s some kind of cheeseburger and the Big Mac still nothing. Big Mac hasn’t even started to mould yet.

3 weeks later

Big Mac still looks like we just bought that thing, lettuce a little moldy, Chicken McGrill definitely seen some better days. That thing is beat up.

Filet-O-Fish look at that white fuzz on top of it.

The Quarter Pounder that thing has got a little rainforest going on inside there.

This burger same thing, look it starts to get juicy on the bottom, the bun is just like coagulate into some kind of goo.

Here is the regular French Fries those things are black and crazy.

Want to see what the McDonald’s French Fries look like? Check this out.

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That’s right. This is some kind of a fluke of nature that’s right. This cannot explain but this is what you’re eating every time you get these fries.

Our Intern was so disgusted by the regular burger and fries that he threw them away.

5 weeks later

Oh that’s the Big Mac, that looks good doesn’t it. Mmmm…. Look at this Chicken McGrill looks fantastic, oh that’s so yummy. Look at the Filet-O-Fish that’s very impressive.

Quarter Pounder – really come into the end of the road and are you ready for the French Fries. You’re ready, that’s right.

Look at that folks. Why are these not breaking down. That’s a really good question and you have to ask yourself wow. What’s that doing in my stomach then?

8 weeks later

Big Mac eight weeks. Mm…

Chicken McGrill I don’t even know what that running liquid goo is right there.

Now we move on to the delicious Filet-O-Fish to what we have got eight weeks. Mossy goodness, look at that fuzzy little sandwich.

Here’s the Quarter Pounder with cheese and a little sweat box that’s happening in there.

Look at that, looks like the Ice Age has set in on a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

McDonald’s French Fries. It has now been two months and look what’s happening here. That’s right still nothing.

10 weeks later

Ten weeks on the Big Mac, frosty goodness.

Look at the Chicken McGrill ten weeks. Mmm….

Oh the Filet-O-Fish. It – does it get any better than that I don’t even know what that fuzz on the top is.

Week number ten Quarter Pounder; some kind of crazy little science experiment happening there.

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Look at that. What is wrong with that? There’s not even one little spore sore on that, there is not there is not nothing breaking down. Nothing looks like we bought them yesterday.

After ten weeks, the smell was so bad in Morgan’s office that he asked the intern to throw away all the McSandwiches. How long would they have lasted? Try this experiment for yourself.

DebunkerSam The Decomposition Of McDonald's Burgers And Fries

DebunkerSam The Decomposition Of McDonald’s Burgers And Fries

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DebunkerSam The Decomposition Of McDonald’s Burgers And Fries. McDonald’s French Fries. It has now been two months and look what’s happening here. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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