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[Cami Secret – Custom Cleavage]

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You love the low-cut top for going out at night,
But in the office it’s just not right.
You’ve tried safety pins but they leave holes and just look wrong.
And with a camisole you end up tugging and adjusting all day long!

Well now there’s Cami Secret the new fashion accessory that looks just like a camisole but watch closely because here is the real secret. It’s designed to attach quickly and easily right to your bra straps.

Attaches to your bra… Cami Secret

It’s adjustable! Cami Secret

You can even adjust your Cami Secret up or down so you can decide just how much cleavage you’ll show.

High Medium Low

Unlike regular tank tops that ride up and down. Cami Secret stays securely in place.

Stays in place… Cami Secret

So it’s more comfortable to wear.

Comfortable to wear! Cami Secret

Self conscious about wrap top that come open and leave you exposed, with Cami Secret you can enjoy wearing all your clothes.

Expand your wardrobe! Cami Secret

Each Cami Secret is made of soft breathable material with a beautiful laced border and is available in a variety of designer colors.

Soft lace border… Cami Secret

Variety of colors! Cami Secret

Pin pull open and leave holes in your clothes. Cami Secret attaches to your bra, so you can wear all your favorite tops without ruining them.

Attaches to your bra… Cami Secret

Great for delicate tops! Cami Secret

Perfect for controlling neck lines on delicate dresses or adding a touch of color to any top even a plain button down shirt looks so much better.

Add a touch of color… Cami Secret

Change your look! Cami Secret

So you can expand your wardrobe and get a layered look without adding bulk.

Get a layered look… Cami Secret

Without the bulk! Cami Secret

Machine washable… Cami Secret

Machine washable, one size fits all whether you’re petite or full figured so don’t leave your favorite tops in the closet just because the neck line is too low.

One size fits all! Cami Secret

Call now and get your Cami Secret for just $10 dollars. Source:

Yours For Just.. $10

You’ll receive black, beige and white to keep all your neck lines perfect day or night. Call right now and we’ll DOUBLE the OFFER and give you three more Cami Secret’s for free.

Get 3 FREE!

Just pay additional processing and handling. Yes! You get all 6 Cami Secret’s for just $10 dollars.

Available in 9 colors.

You get all SIX… $10

And don’t forget to ask our operator about our complete line of designer colors because right now you can get six Cami Secret’s for just $10 dollars.

So call or go on line now.


Cami Secret
You Get SIX!

Cami Secret – Custom Cleavage. Unlike regular tank tops that ride up and down. Cami Secret stays securely in place. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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