Filthy Frank & Friends – Weeaboo Song

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[Filthy Frank & Friends – Weeaboo Song]


Konnichiwa Senpai, Please notice me,
I watch Asian cartoons, I’m a weeaboo,
I live in my mom’s house. I’m like thirty two,
I collect swords and throwing stars, yes I’m a weeaboo,
Sticks and Stones may break my bones,
But I will always be one step ahead of you,
‘Cause I read the manga,
(You’re such a fucking pleb, are you even even Japanese bro)
I haven’t showered in like sixteen weeks,
All my friends and peers are ashamed of me,
‘Cause all’O’sudden, I think I’m Japanese
Yes I’m a weeaboo
Yes I’m a weeaboo
Yes I’m a weeaboo
Yes I’m a weeaboo

A filthy weeaboo (snorts Naruto is SO Over-rated)
A dirty weeaboo (You wanna see my katana collection)
A fucking weeaboo (I’m learning Japanese on Rosetta stone)
A disgusting weeaboo (So I’m like basically Japanese now)
I sit at my computer desk, and argue with teenagers on the internet,
About atheism, and how japan is superior to other countries,
I learned a bit of Japanese,
so now i’m qualified to be a part of their community
so I made my avatar a kawaii waifu
Yes, I’m a weeaboo
(Uh duh, everybody wears kimonos)
Yes, I’m a weeaboo
(Ninjas are still real, okay?)
Yes, I’m a weeaboo
(Uh, k-konnichiwa)
Yes, I’m a weeaboo
(Domo arigato)
A filthy weeaboo
What’s going on.

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