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Bibi Jones – Retirement Announcement

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[Bibi Jones – Retirement Announcement]

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So you guys know me as the major super slut. Ah, fucking guys all the time and I do. Umm, but ah, I guess I kind of have some news, big news. Um, I’ve been reading ah, this book ah: The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle; for a couple of months now, not because I’m a slow reader, it’s just one of those books you have to read a page or two and you have to fully let it soak in ah for a while to really understand what Eckhart Tolle is telling you. So I wanted to read a page out of here: for the people that care. People already probably shut down this video because I’m not naked on it.

But for those of you who do care, I appreciate it. It’s page 213.

I have a situation at work that is unpleasant I’ve tried to surrender it but I find that impossible. A lot of resistance keeps coming up; if you can not surrender, take action immediately, speak up or doing something to bring a valid change in the situation or remove yourself from it. Remove yourself from it. Take responsibility for your life do not pollute your beauty the radiant being or the earth with negativity, do not give up on happiness in any form, whatsoever in any place inside you.

[Bibi Jones] Source:
Um, I’ve been ah I’ve been extremely unhappy the last couple of months. I’m not happy with me. I need a – I need the big picture here. And everyone knows that porn doesn’t last forever, and ah family’s Number 1. And it hurts my family a lot. So ah I’m doing it for them, I’m doing it for me. I’m doing it for my health. And ah I guess I’m saying I’m I’m getting out of the business.

You know I was promised a lot of things when I got into the industry, I was so excited, I was so happy but ah you know things happened and ah I can’t do it anymore.

I don’t wanna let down anyone. And I’m sorry if I’m making this really dramatic cause I wasn’t even in the industry for very long at all but I’m only 20 years old. And the earlier I get out of this industry the better it’s gonna be, I have nothing negative to say about porn and the people that are involved in it, I fully respect everyone.

And I’m happy about the friendships I’ve made in it. But it’s not for me. So I guess start fresh and ah try to – try to become a better person so I’m really and truly sorry to Digital and ( ) and everyone I let down.

Bibi Jones – Retirement Announcement. I can’t do it anymore. So I guess start fresh. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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