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[Bill Burr – White Guilt]

[William “Bill” Burr (June 10, 1968)] Source:
“Pride” recently, have you guys seen that movie? Anybody see that? It’s about the first all-black swim team and the difficulties they had to go through being the first all-black swim team.

Let me ask you a question. How many of those “white people are evil” movies are they gonna make? It’s like, it’s all the way down to swimming. You know? I’m starting to run out of white guilt, you know? No, it’s like those movies. They started off unbelievable. Started off with “roots,” right? White guilt was at an all-time high. I could barely even watch it. I’m like, dude, I got it. My ancestors are evil, okay? Please, please turn the channel, dude. Please turn the channel. They still hitting him? Fuck, turn the channel. This is gonna be on all week? Jesus Christ, turn the channel.

Then in the ‘80s, there was, like, a football movie. Then, like, Cuba Gooding wanted to be like a scuba diver. Remember that shit? And now, it’s all the way down to swimming, and I got to admit, I don’t think I give a fuck. You know? I’m not trying to be a dick, but it’s a recreational activity. Plus, I’ve been in pools; there’s been black people in the pool you know? I never saw any white guy, like, trying to, like, fucking like prevent people from getting into the pool. Its like, are they just, like, making this shit up? I’m not being a dick here, either, okay? Just to clarify, you know, I just don’t want anybody coming up to me after the show, like, you know, I was thinking it, then you fucking saying it.

[Bill Burr] Source:
I’m not saying that I don’t think black people should be allowed to put on some speedos and go for a dip. I’m not saying that shit. I’m just saying, these movies. Like, the characters aren’t even believable. Like they always have to have like the over-the-top, uninhibited white racist character, you know? You know that guy? He’s the guy, like, he’s supposed to represent all the white evil, you know? He’s like the dude they always have like screaming during the movie trailer. They’ll be like, “they were the first all-black swimming team. Get out of the pool.” He’s got, like, a big vein in his forehead. He’s just screaming shit look not even looking around, you know? Dude, it’s ridiculous.

Real racism is quiet. It’s subtle. People look around first. They make sure the coast is clear. There’s disclaimers like “dude, you know, I’m not racist, but these insert group name followed by fucked-up conversation, right?” That’s how it goes down.

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