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Bart BaKer – Taylor Swift – 22 – Parody

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[Bart BaKer – Taylor Swift – 22 – Parody]

[Taylor Swift – 22]


It feels like the perfect day to torture my ex’s and then put on their skin
Shut up, Harry!

I escaped from the asylum and kidnapped all of them.
So I could get my revenge.
You’re sick!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Yeah! I got:
[Joe Joe John] and Kennedy all wrapped up in duct tape.
Bitch give me back my fuckin face.
Fat chance.
Today is the first day of the never ending hell day.
It’s time!

Oh oh!
Now, you will be mine until the end of all time.
I will never let you leave.
Somebody call the police.
You better shut your mouth or I will cut your tongue out.
Why are you dancing like that?
Cause I’m a psycho [ ]
Now it’s your turn to dance.
AHHHHH! You just shot me in my ass.

You shouldn’t of dumped me.
Now you’re all burried.
Let’s watch Taylor Perry.
Please, just kill us.

My favorite movie.
This proves she’s crazy.
AHHH! It’s making my eyes bleed.

Yeah! Soon you will all become members of my death cult.
Ah, excuse me!
After the murder ritual.
Oh crap!
Ane we will spend eternity together below.
IN HELL, ah-ha-ha-ha!

Oh oh!
All the rumors are true, I am Satan.
Now we knew.
Their heads must all come off.
[B-all B-all], I’ll get the saw.
Dude, she dropped her cell phone.
Pick it up, call the Po – Po.
We’ll be dead once they get here.
I have a better idea, Sent!

AH! What are you doing?
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
We were not doing anything.
No matter! Time to die.
Oh, no, no, no!

I’ll see you in the after life.

Hey! Hey! Drop the weapon Miss Swift!
I got a text from [J.D.]
We’re actually quite close.
He likes all my Facebook posts.
And he follows me on Twitter.
Anyway, back to Taylor now!
Time to take care of you.
I can’t move.
With this holy water balloon.
Ah! Get that away from me, you fool!
Sorry, but your time here is through.


Oh my god!

Well my children that’s a wrap on that crazy bitch! Who wants to go to the strip club? Lap dances all on me.


Can we go to the one with boys.

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