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Auntie Fee’s Baked Chicken

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[Auntie Fee’s Baked Chicken]


[Camera Person:] Source:
So what we are doing now?

[Felicia A. O’Dell:]
Oh, okay, this is a bag of chicken, okay.

[Camera Person:]
Uh huh.

[Auntie Fee:]
And um… And see that says ‘First Street’, right?

[Camera Person:] Source:

[Auntie Fee:]
Okay. Now I prefer this kind of chicken, okay, this is some good ass chicken, okay. And it ain’t all fat and nothing like that there.

So this is what I’m going to do it this here, watch this here real, real easy, okay.

They notice I didn’t tear the bag because I’m going to put it back in the bag, come on over here, okay.

This is frozen chicken, okay.

You want it frozen but you want to wash it off, okay.

Wash it off, I don’t know how many this will feed or whatever but somebody just want to know how to cook something really good, wash it off.

Okay, now this chicken is still frozen, okay. Now this is what we are going to do.

Watch and see really good, bring your ass over, make sure you don’t miss nothing. Okay, if…

[Camera Person:]
What is that?

[Auntie Fee:]
Okay, this is seasoned salt, but if you like – if you don’t like to use all this and make you sick, don’t use too much of it then. But I’ll show you, get down in here in the sink, okay.

Okay, you put some on there, okay.

Now that was seasoned salt and this is papa rikka. Now papa rikka is only for some color, make it look good, you don’t do nothing for the seasoning okay, that’s paprika. This is black pepper. I’m gonna show you, this is black pepper and this is garlic salt, a lot of people if you don’t – its optional to use this shit if you don’t want to use it, okay.

[Auntie Fee:]
And this is parsley, dry parsley okay, you see that shit right there. This mothafucka make any mothafuckin thang taste good, okay. I’m going to open it. I ain’t got time to wait for all them sprinkles and all that, so just sprinkle it on there like that there, okay now you got option on this shit here, okay?

[Camera Person:]

[Auntie Fee:] Source:
What you got to do, please look at this here, okay, you mix all this up.

You see the water in there and all that kind of shit there, you see that, you mix all this up really good, okay.

Now make sure you are red and shit, because that shit make up pretty color to the shit, okay, anyway you got that like that there, then you got – okay, now do I want to gravy with this or I don’t want a gravy, okay.

This – you can put this in a oven like it is, you won’t get no gravy, and it will still have no juice, it was always going to be moist okay or if you want a little gravy to it, you take your uh… that’s my flour here. And look how much you spray on this little bit of shit right here, you looking down in there, Tex.

Okay, I’m going to show you how much to put on there.

Sprinkle just a little bit on top of it, like that there, its going to make this — you don’t have to use no water or nothing, it’s going to make this all water – gravy because the chicken is frozen. And we didn’t thaw it out, so we’ll make some water and to add with this, that’s all you need.

This right here, you take this right here and put it back in the bag, put it back in the bag, until you get ready, you can put it, zip it back – zip it back up in the freezer. Wait a minute, let me put all this in and I’ll show you because some people I ain’t going too fast, but y’all – because I hope not, clean sink out and then let me just show you. And you take this and zip this back up – zip it back up, take the air out of it, okay.

[Camera Person:] Source:
This here – put it back in the freezer. I promise you, when you get ready for this, put it – take it out of here, don’t want to break it up and then put it in a pan.

Put it on 350, cook for about 2.5 hours, 3 hours if you want to just fall off the motherfucking bone. I swear this shit will – so that’s what you do this here, and 3 hours you don’t have to add nothing – when it come out, its got gravy and everything you don’t got to do a motherfucking thing, make sure that corn or something you want to put on the side, I’m just oh, Lord, oh this food has got me so – and everybody want to see this and shit, so therefore I got to make sure its real good. And tell you everything because I don’t want you motherfuckers calling me about a motherfucking thing.

And you’d be like, yeah, she said it, she said that’s all you had to do it that’s all, put it in the freezer or take it out before you go to work and put it on the counter and if it thaws that’s even better.

Then you can cook it later on for your family, now that’s that that one on there.

Auntie Fee's Baked Chicken

Auntie Fee’s Baked Chicken

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