SyeTenAtheist Feminists Love Islamists


SyeTenAtheist Feminists Love Islamists

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[SyeTenAtheist Feminists Love Islamists]

I am an Islamist
I am a feminist
You might not think we have
very much in common

But we share essentially
the same ideology
and Muslims are oppressed
just like every woman

I say “haram”
I say “problematic”
you say everything’s triggering
and you say everything’s unquaranic

cos you are an Islamist
and you are a feminist
we have so very much in common

I say “Islamophobia”
I say “misogyny”
I blame the Jewish media
and I blame the patriarchy

cos I am a feminist
and I am an Islamist
a whiny pair of little spastics

You know, what means me feel like really marginalized? Is when ignorant people remain me that the prophet, allahu alaihi wa-sallam had sex with a little 9-year old girl.

Muhammad had sex with a child? Oh, that’s awesome. That means that every white sister heteronormative pedophile here in the West is guilty and cultural appropriation. And that’s the real societal problem.

Oh yeah.

See, it’s easy when you look at the world through problematic glasses.

Oh, who would have thought that you and me would get along so well.

I say “social justice”
I say “jihad”
I say “Slutwalk”
I say “Whore, where is your hijab?”

cos I am an Islamist
and I am a feminist
We have so very much in common

So do you mind if I rape you know?

Oh, don’t be silly. It’s not rape when I’m Muslim does it?

That is a good one.

SyeTenAtheist Feminists Love Islamists

SyeTenAtheist Feminists Love Islamists

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