Suli Breaks To Mr. Cameron


Suli Breaks To Mr. Cameron

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[Suli Breaks To Mr. Cameron]

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Because violence doesn’t solve anything and if I could speak to them what’s that guy called David Cameron, you know that you, David Cameron. If I could speak to him, I would tell him that you know war doesn’t stop the violence. It just makes it legal. It just makes it news. It just packages in a way which makes it easier for average Joe and Jane Doe to digest that with their Sunday dinner. It just turns villains into heroes and willing participants into martyrs, victims into statistics and ideologies into weapons.

It turns guns and bombs into the weapons required to build a nation and soldiers into builders, but who compensates these builders once the nation is built because I once met one of these builders and the irony is that he was broken beyond repair.

You see war a like athlete’s sponsorship contracts. The ones endorsing it are usually those least affected by the consequences or the actions required to achieve success.

War is like athlete’s sponsorship contracts people getting paid for our people’s blood, sweat and tears. But in the end they expect us to wear the company. I mean countries logo with pride. Init? Thank you.

Suli Breaks To Mr. Cameron

Suli Breaks To Mr. Cameron

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