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[Suli Breaks Dear Social Media]

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Dear social media, I will take this time to let you know this relationship is officially over between us. And no I don’t wanna hear any of your suggestions and I don’t need a shoulder to lean on. And yeah I’m writing you a letter. I know, you said I could Skyped you, what’s apped you or typed you, but I prefer this method and ironically no matter how many times I complained about you doing the same I had to eventually had to resort to pouring out my feelings on the page.

But you know what I’m sick of your attitude if you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about let me list a few, firstly we argue way too much in public and you make comments on things you know nothing about, without watching your mouth. Your way too insensitive.

I’ve seen you tell a pregnant woman that she needs to lose some weight.

I’ve seen you ask a kid with Down syndrome what kind of weed is he buying.

And you refuse to acknowledge the difference between a refugee and migrant!

On top of that how dare you embarrass me!

You confused Samuel L Jackson with Lawerence Fishburne, that is close enough to blasphemy! That’s Mace Windu and Morpheus.

And really “Why you always lying?” “Why you always lying”.

And maybe that “Dear Fat People” was too negative or I’m way insensitive.

And you always say things about me to everyone else when I’m away, and then you smile on my face. Spreading rumours. And I felt like a prisoner in this relationship, because it’s like a maximum security prison visit whenever we meet. Cause you only feel comfortable to say things to me behind
a glass screen.

I mean I remember when Tom first introduced us at Myspace. You told me that you liked my music arts and asked for my details. I didn’t see you again until Mark convinced me to approach your Facebook like old friends you asked me to update you. I found out your relationships status was single then eventually I went from “updating you” to actually “I’m dating you” back when I could bring you around my family and friends without fear of you judging me now has become a contest of popularity.

You say things you don’t mean the mean things you don’t say you’ve adopted that McDonald’s way! You care more about how the food looks than how it actually tastes. And you know that more people buy into you if your values reduce, so you care more about that than the quality of what you actually produce.

And every time I say something which you don’t agree or some small success comes to me instead of embracing that happily you run away saying you’re going to find a more authentic version of me. I’ve seen you making “googingly” eyes at other guys and girls. If this is open relationship let me know, so I don’t feel like I need to commit to you.

[Suli Breaks:] Source:
I remember you used to love my delivery maybe now you don’t realise how much it’s stressing me. When you don’t take time to make sure your correctly addressing me.

Now the only messages you send are attention seeking ones which you hope get re-posted over and over again until they get around. It’s like we went from best friends to unsuccessful penpals.

And why is it you expect me to be perfect, but it’s okay for you to be “only human”.

You can adopt 140 characters and expect me to be just one! But despite this all.

The main reason I’m ending it now, and what hurts above all, and is not worth the trouble. Is the fact that deep down, I realise. You could never LOVE me. You could only ever LIKE me!

Suli Breaks Dear Social Media

Suli Breaks Dear Social Media

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October 13, 2015

Wanjeri Njoroge @ 2:31 pm #

suli sir.
first of all i appriciate your work… from kenya and would like to get in touch with you please get back to me on my email.

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