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Hey, this is Fred Barley and I just wanted to personally tell you guys, thank you so much for all you have done for me. I – I can’t even begin to come up with half the words to explain how much I feel.

Like, all of this has been so overwhelming, and stuff, like uh… I… I’m just in total shock. Like, I’m kinda speechless but I just wanted to tell you guys that I thank you guys so much.

I um… from the people of Lamar County all the way to the west-coast to California, all the people that was helping me, I just wanna say, thank you and I wanna tell you guys that the money that you guys are sending me like, it’s been great and stuff, but [clears throat], I don’t intend on spending it like that. I promise you, if I don’t need it immediately, then its just gonna go away… to savings. Like, cause I inspire to be in Med School so, I’ma use it for when I get out hopefully.

And um… I wanna keep you guys posted on my grades and stuff, every semester, I get grades, so I wanna show you guys that all that you’ve done for me is not going to waste. I – I promise you guys Ima keep as good as grades as I can get. And uh… um…

I just wanna tell you guys thank you again for everything that you guys are doing.

Uh… I don’t know what to say.

Uh… thank you.

[Fred Barley (Success For Fred):] Source:
Uh, I wanna say thank you especially to the people that’s been really close knitted to me, that’s been putting all this together, so I don’t have to get on Facebook and have to be overwhelmed with all this and taking all those types of pressures off of me. And they’ve been doing it for me and I appreciate that so much and once again I appreciate all you guys for doing what ya’ll been doing. And even if ya’ll all would stop today, you guys – I promise you, you’ve done enough like — it’s okay. I promise. I thank all of you guys so much. I love you all and I wanna make all you guys proud. Hopefully the day I graduate and ya’ll all are like there and I’m waving to the crowd of ya’ll. Thank you, once again. I love you all goodbye.

Success For Fred

Success For Fred

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