Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler


Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler

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[Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler]

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It’s really interesting. When I was in Kenya, filming, in November last year, was the American election and it happened to be the time that the Obama won it. And I was filming, there were some people from the same tribe that Obama’s father came from and said – I said to them god that you must be very excited that the America has got a Black President and he is Kenyan. He said yes. But remember if he had been the same man stayed in Kenya and become President of Kenya, he would have been our first White President. And it’s absolutely the point as far as they are concerned he is half-white; he is half black, why you call him black? What sense does that make?

And to me, that’s the most exciting thing about philosophy or anything else is that – that’s being general – not being general, but being concrete about things what do we really mean by black or white, you know, actually being honest enough to go and to question and so I don’t know what my genome except to say that it’s probably very similar to yours and we are certainly related, we’re all related in this room. And is that sounds like a hippieish way of saying we’re all brothers and sisters, well, well why not.


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Uh ha, yes.

You wrote a novel.


Called making history, which is one of the very few works of fiction, actually works as a tool that satirizes, Hitler.

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Why is that so difficult? What is – why is the taboo is so strong?

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It is hard. You’re right. I think it was – was it real conducive when I think of Hitler I find I think of nothing. It’s very odd. He is not – this is almost a definition of demonization is that – that he is the space we fill. He is our boogieman. We decide on what evil means and whatever it is we pile it into Hitler. And to me that let’s the human race off.

There was Daniel Goldhagen’ book, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, which came out oddly enough the same year as my book, Making History, which was basically trying to say it’s time for Germans not to load the entire blame of the Holocaust and the Second World War onto the existence of this man, Hitler. The point of my book, Making History, was let us suppose the sperm of the Alois Hitler, who is Hitler’s father, had not hit the ovum of his mother.

Let’s suppose that moment hadn’t happened, another sperm had hit or he had been sterile or they’re not going to bed together that night, in other words suppose Hitler had not been born, can we be sure that the world will be better, the same, worse.

Those are the three options as it were if you want to put them like that. And all my book – positive was its a science fiction what-if book in which someone is able not to go back in time, but to send molecular matter back in time.

And by a coincidence, a graduate, who is working on the spermicidal pill or a spermicidal formula, meets this physicist, who happens to be a Jewish. And they decide what they’ll do is they’ll send this spermicidal solution into the water supply of Braunau in Austria, where Hitler’s father lived and they’ll send it to a precise time, so that all the water in the village will sterilize all the men, so that Hitler obviously won’t be born – won’t life be great. And you would imagine maybe it wouldn’t be. Gosh is that – I and someone else, many of his family – maybe people in the room, many of his family weren’t if – because of Hitler either through the Holocaust or through fighting them in the war and what an amazing idea.

But, let us just suppose – let us recognize some of the facts of anti-Semitism and Pan-Germanism, Thulism [Tulism] as it was called that they were in the 80s, 90s alone, there were over hundred regular anti-Semitic publications in Vienna alone, there were more than that in Munich. There was an enormous movement after – particularly after the First World War towards a Pan-German i.e., the Incorporation of Austria anti-Semitic right-wing. Hitler was not alone. It was an enormous energy. So let us suppose that it was someone smarter than Hitler, because if Hitler made one mistake, he made many, obviously, but if there was one that was crucial, it’s the very thing we most hate him for is what saved us, his anti-Semitism.

If he had not been so anti-Semitic, he wouldn’t have passed the Nuremberg Laws, and if he hadn’t passed the Nuremberg Laws, then the greatest physicists of the 20th century would not have exiled themselves from Germany, from [Göttingen] and other places the Max Planck Institute. So – and you can absolutely guarantee that Germany would have had an atom bomb by 1940, all the sciences where came from them, from Jewish German scientists. So let’s suppose that instead of Hitler coming to power in the struggles of the German Workers Party in Munich in the 1920s, it had been somebody else, who probably hated Jews too. And let’s suppose he said well let’s keep them here because they don’t like him, but my God they’ve got some clever scientific things. He would have had an atom bomb by 1940, America wouldn’t.

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And who would have ruled the world? Not only that, instead of having to burn all those nasty Jews in ovens, he could have taken some of that Braunau water that we had spermicidal water that appeared in Vienna mysteriously in the 1870s and he could have given it to all the Jews and they would have died out as a race entirely because he would have sterilized them. That is the premise of the book at least anyway. Now, it makes – it sound as saying oh thank God we had Hitler. But can any of us presume to know not that history is benign, but can we presume to know that a worse history might not have taken place. That’s all. It’s – anybody’s welcome to question that I’m not saying it is a fact. It’s merely an inquiry in novel form into that whole possibility.

Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler

Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler

Stephen Fry Would The World Have Been Better Without Hitler. We decide on what evil means and whatever it is we pile it into Hitler. And to me that let’s the human race off. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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