Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free


Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free

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[Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free]

Steffen Königer
Alternative for Germany (AfD)
Landtag Brandenburg

The current generation has already shrunk by 1/3 compared to their parents. The number of those, who remain childless all their lives, also rose. 25% of all German women stay childless, leading the world in that category. This is the main reason of the halving of birth rates over the last 50 years to less than 1.4 children born alive per German woman. The most effective way to increase the birth rate would therefore be decreasing the number of women who stay childless.

Despite the same trend among all industrial nations, [childlessness] in Germany is very distinct. Many Germans simply cannot afford to have children. This is why we propose a “Babies Welcome” loan. For their firstborn child, young parents receive an interest-free loan of 10,000€. For their second born child, they receive another 10,000€.

But the total amount of money that has to be repaid is now only half of their loan. For their 3rd child, parents can be especially happy to receive another 10,000€ – Because now they don’t have to repay any of the total of 30,000€. Through this simple principle we can help young parents when they need financial aid the most, and create further incentives and give more support for more children. And yes, obviously we want to support our own people with this proposal.

[Angry responses by Leftist]

This is why this proposal will be bound to requirements such as German or European citizenship. And obviously require you to live in Brandenburg. Because instead of giving open invitations to migrants from cultures that are foreign to us and financing this project with billions of taxpayer money, we finally have to start thinking about our own people here in Brandenburg – and simply cannot continue to hold onto your misbelief that we can fix our demographic problems with male migrants.

Andrea Johlige
The Left Party
(Formerly Communist Party of the GDR)

This is a new low for what we had to bear from the AfD in this parliament. “Welcome”-loans won’t change the fact that women are still disadvantaged in the work life. And to be honest, as I read your proposal, I was just waiting for the part where your debt is forgiven when you name your children “Björn”, “Frauke” or “Alexander”. Whoever wrote this probably thought “Damn, this could probably also benefit foreigners”. No, this can’t go through. But he also didn’t want to write that the proposal is only for biological Germans because someone in the parliament would accuse them of racism. This is first obvious, secondly racist and thirdly Völkisch.

Also the Turkish family father, who has lived here for years, provides for his family, works here pays taxes here, but maybe doesn’t have German citizenship, is excluded by you. Yes, this is racist and yes, this is Völkisch. You say you only want children from Germans or those, who could at least pass as “Bio-Germans” by their appearance. We’re in danger that soon proposals will demand a reintroduction of Cross of Honour of the German Mother obviously only for German women. If it hasn’t been clear enough: We (The Left Party) full-heartedly reject your proposal.

Elisabeth Alter
(Social Democratic Party)

The Alternative for Germany wants to make active politics for “their own people”. But we do politics for ALL people in our country. No matter the skin color, religion or country of origin. Short-sighted and right wing populist family politics is therefore not possible with us. We (the Social Democrats) reject your proposal.

Diana Golze
The Left Party
(Formerly Communist Party of the GDR)

History has taught us something else: Not every supposedly “social” model has an understanding of democracy. It’s very clear that the reasons for this proposal are not to benefit ALL families, but behind this proposal for family politics hides an anti-immigration population policy. The AfD Party programs talks about “more children” instead of mass immigration. That the economically unsustainable consequences of mass immigration are not viable (to fix the birth rate) and that a higher birth rate for the “native” population is the only viable solution. I mean, come one, these words alone are significant enough. This is a clear anti-migration course openly opposed to diversity and a society of solidarity where every child is worth the same. The only thing this is is discrimination and an ideology that I can only reject.

Ursula Nonnemacher
Alliance’90/The Greens
(Socialist Environmental Party)

This is an old idea, a bad seller. From the marriage loans of the National Socialists which was bound to employment of the spouse and obviously the race laws. The AfD values long-term German citizenship as a requirement, own children, their own people. [We Greens demand] funding of Gender Equalization in family and care. The horrendous funds for family-politics should be directed at more effective measures and not for stabilization of traditional marriages with a single earner.

They should not be given equally, but focus on families with low income and single mothers. The “Babies Welcome” loan is not appropriate for the needs of modern parents. It needs to be buried together with the other backwards politics which is not an Alternative for Brandenburg.

Kristy Augustin
Christian Democratic Union
(Merkel’s Party)

We, the Christian Democratic Union also reject this proposal. What about those, who split up within those 5 years? Especially single mothers, who are at greatest risk of poverty, have you thought about them? Your demand that only parents who had German or EU citizenship for at least 8 years, just makes your proposal one more instrument of the usual, populist politics. This proposal isn’t worth it; we (the Christian Democratic Union) reject it.

Steffen Königer
Alternative for Germany (AfD)
Landtag Brandenburg

Mrs. Minister Goltze, you are the one who’s discriminating. If you pay 3500€ – every single month – for every unaccompanied refugee minor. After 3 months, the money is gone – you refuse the 10,000€ for a German child. It may even have foreign parents but German citizenship. Yeah, that exists, Miss Goltze. That makes you the one that’s discriminating. And sidestep Germans in Brandenburg in favor of refugees or asylum seekers.

This is what I wanted to make clear. Yes, Mrs. Johlige… Soon you’ll collect the award for the rhetorical Stalin Organ. You said that “it was a new low for this parliament”, Well, we’re just trying to make politics for the people of Brandenburg for once, and not your clients who don’t have German citizenship.

Now, to my favorite opponent, Mrs. Nonnemacher. That you simply cannot stop with your Hitler and sense him in our proposal as well once again speaks against you. I’ll respond with a quote from Rafael Seligmann: “You know, Hitler slept in a bed. Am I supposed to sleep on the floor now?” If you really want to abolish everything introduced by the Nazis, then be in favor of abolishing Labor Day. They implemented that too.

I was born 1972 and grew up in a state that you were responsible for (Communist East Germany). Under your rule you have drained the state. We, with our party, stand for preventing this from happening again under your rule. [Mrs. Alter], you own predications show that your family politics has utterly failed. If you predict that we’ll have a severely shrinking population until 2050, I’ll have to say that in Brandenburg a catastrophe is inevitable. If you keep acting the way you do and refuse to take a proposal like ours seriously and try to have a serious discussion.

Christoph Schulze

The contents of this proposal have contents that are absolutely disgusting that makes it impossible to agree on. I would ask the Alternative for Germany to quit with these racist and xenophobic and divisive elements and get back to politics of facts. Then we can discuss things.

Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free

Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free

Steffen Koniger German AfD Babies Welcome Interest Free. You refuse the 10,000€ for a German child. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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