Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV


Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV

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[Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV]

Its 2:30 AM East London. These three men have just left a night club heading for a car they have left nearby. A CCTV operator is tracking them because he thinks they could be vandals. This is 17-year-old Michael Lynch, a burglar on bail, he was about to become a murderer. The punch is unprovoked, Lynch joins in, but he isn’t only using his fists. He has a knife in his pocket and just out of sight of the camera. Lynch stabs one of the two men in the heart fatally.

Daniel Pollen

Daniel Pollen

The stabbed man is a 20-year-old student from Essex, Daniel Pollen, on a night town celebrating his best friend’s Andrew Griffiths 20th birthday.

[Kirsty Pollen:] Source:
Daniel tried to protect the Andy and then when they turned on him, he puts his hands up. That is a peaceful gesture. He is no violent. It is not like he’s going to attack them. He put his hands up, is if to say what you want, and they still attacked him after doing that.

Now Lynch turns on Andy, stabbing him in the chest and back. Daniel Pollen is still standing trying to help. One of the men chases him away.

The three attackers drive off heading home only 40 seconds after the attack began. Meanwhile another CCTV camera records Daniel collapsing with blood pouring from his heart. Andy Griffiths is now on his feet barely conscious also bleeding heavily. But help is at hand, not the police or ambulance, Daniel’s sister Kirsty has arrived, has arranged to pick him and Andy up from the town center.

[Kirsty Pollen:]
As we sort of pulled into this very car-park you can sort of look across it, I was like, I can’t see anyone, so I thought I was like get my phone out and call him and so they we just turned around the corner of us the headlights picked up and he was just lying in the mid of the road like not moving. And then I sort of just stopped the car and there was just blood everywhere. So me and my friend jumped out of the car called the ambulance – his eyes were open but he was not responding to anything that we were saying to him. There was just a tiny cut in his T-shirt and it was this tiniest wound, and he would never think that so much blood could come out of something like that.

Within minutes, police and ambulance are also on the same, trying desperately to save Daniel’s life. Daniel was stabbed once, Andy Griffiths four times. The first blow broke Andy’s jaw knocking him out, neither he nor Daniel know the men who were attacking them.

[Andy Griffiths:]
First thing I remember was feeling this mighty pain in the right side of my face. And then the next thing I saw was Michael Onokah pulling the phone away from me and this start punching motion, sort of someone hitting me in the back.

That someone was Michael Lynch using the knife it punctured Daniel’s heart with. This time Andy didn’t pass out and watched as the three escaped.

[Andy Griffiths:]
I was laying on my side I saw the car in the distance with the door slightly ajar someone looking out at me making sure that I was down and not able to get up.

Andy still has no idea. He and his best friend have been stabbed.

[Andy Griffiths:] Source:
So the car when speeding off, I managed to get myself up, thinking where is Daniel? Is he in that car or is he somewhere around here? What – what just happened? And then I was thinking my chest really hurts. So I look down and then there was just – I just pouring with blood. I knew I’d been stabbed then.

In shock Andy Griffiths staggers off to find help. Initially back to the night club and from there to an ambulance, which took him to hospital. As he lay in the E.R., Andy realized the person in the next bed was dying.

[Andy Griffiths:]
So I was saying is that my friend, is that my friend? I was getting really irate with them because they wouldn’t – I could tell – they weren’t telling me something. I tried to pull out all my drips and I tried to get out of the bed to go to him, but he was connected up to the ECG machine on his arm and it was just flat lining.

[Kirsty Pollen:]
The doctors were coming in and asking me if he was allergic to things and he said that like you kind of think, oh, you know, he will be all right, he is going to be okay. He will survive. And then they come in and they just me just tell you that they are very sorry that he died and I just can’t believe it. This is surreal [inaudible].

Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London

Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London

Daniel’s killer was caught quickly. The number plate on the car led police right to him. Michael Lynch was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years. His accomplices got five years each. The CCTV of Daniel Pollen’s murder is being shown because his family want everyone to see what really happened.

[Kirsty Pollen:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
The crimes decision that we did want to see CCTV to be released in public because it is such an unprovoked attack. I think it’s important that people do say that you know, it’s not just about gang culture, it’s not – you know knives aren’t used just in gang cultures. Andrew and not my brother Daniel didn’t do anything in any way to cause what happened to them. I just think people need to realize (you know) knife crimes everywhere it happens all the time and that’s why I think it’s kind of important that people do see it.

The full incident took 40 Seconds.

One man got stabbed once and tragically died the other was stabbed 4 times and was lucky to have survived.

Those men were Daniel Pollen and Andrew Griffiths.

I would personally like to thank the family of Daniel Pollen and Andrew Griffiths for being so brave and sharing this horrific story with the world. It is a tragic lesson that every person should learn from. Life is fragile and can change in an instant.

Video Excerpt: Directed & Produced by Marc Sigsworth.

Intro and Outro: Simon Mackay

Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV

Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV

Stabbed To Death On The Streets Of London CCTV. Michael Lynch was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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