Srebrenica – A Horrifying Confession


Srebrenica – A Horrifying Confession

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Srebrenica - A Horrifying Confession

Srebrenica – A Horrifying Confession

[Srebrenica – A Horrifying Confession]

[Voice Over:] Source:
You See some kind of shine disappear from their eyes. As if the soul is leaving the body, something like that. It feels dreadful, as if something is leaving their body. Something leaves the body, that’s the feeling. That’s the feeling you get when you see it. It’s hard to describe this feeling, very hard. You can’t describe/write it with words. I’m not educated in such a way that I could describe it. But in general, it’s totally different to anything else.

In any case the first kill is an unpleasant feeling. All the subsequent murders, throughout the war have a triumphant feeling, they are different to the first kill. I know that some killings gave us a lot of pleasure. Afterwards, we felt satisfied and we felt relieved. (what will we do after that, it’s like a feeling of it becoming easier) More satisfied and complete.

If we had let these people go they would have armed themselves and started to kill our people. That’s why our leader decided that it was best to execute them. Not by slitting their throats but in a military way, by shooting [Firearms/Vatreno oružje] them. With the unit, until the next day.

Serb civilians from the village buried the victims. We had nothing to do with dragging and chucking them in their graves and covering them up later. We didn’t do that. That saved us time.

Srebrenica. Over 7000 men and boys were killed in the hyper war, the genocide. With utter annihilation as its goal.

[Biljana Plavšić:]
In the end, even our people said that during this war we lost our dignity. And how could our leaders and those who obeyed them commit such acts? The answer to both these questions, I believe to be fear. A blinding fear that develops into an obsession. We were determined to do anything in order to win. I have now come to accept that thousands of innocent people were victims of an organised and systematic effort to eliminate Muslims and Croats from the territory that the Serbs claimed to be theirs.

[Judge (Criminal Tribunal):]
Biljana Plavšic count three of this indictment charges you with persecution on political, racial and religious grounds, a crime against humanity, Mrs. Plavšic how you plead to that count, guilty or not guilty.

[Biljana Plavšić:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I plead guilty.

Srebrenica - A Horrifying Confession - Biljana Plavšić

Srebrenica – A Horrifying Confession – Biljana Plavšić

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