Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr


Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr

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[Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr]

Emmy, the cat, gets my nomination for kitty mother of the year.

Not that Emmy doesn’t just lie around like other cats. And occasionally scratch her claws on something you wished she wouldn’t. But there arose a situation around the time she had her kittens that Emmy has stepped up to the plate and helped solve. Well, she’s taken in a baby squirrel and is providing a plate for the little squirrel at her table along with the rest of the kittens.

[Jim Watkins (PET OWNER):]
She’s very protective of it. If it starts to move and she don’t like where its going she’ll reach up and pull it back and start licking it (you know) and taking care of it like she would one of her kittens.

Jim Watkins and his wife Karen of Carthage have helped organize Central Mississippi T.A.I.L.S.

[Jim Watkins (PET OWNER):]
It stands for taking animals into loving shelters.

And that’s how Jim and Karen got Emmy and her extended family. Emmy’s owner lived where she couldn’t have pets and called her vet to see what she could do with the new family.

[Karen Watkins (PET OWNER):]
I seem to be the go-to girl from my vet. Anytime someone has a cat they can’t take care of, I’m the one they call. That’s how we wound up with 18 cats and a squirrel.

And the squirrel came as a gift from the sky. Just before Emmy’s owner gave her up, a baby squirrel fell out of a nest and landed in the yard. Not being able to climb a tree and put it back, the lady did the next best thing.

[Jim Watkins (PET OWNER):]
And she put the squirrel in the box with the kittens and she just immediately accepted it and adopted it, started feeding it, has raised it just like hers.

But if a mama cat adopting a squirrel is amazing, the ability of the baby squirrel to adapt is even more so.

[Jim Watkins (PET OWNER):]
Oh the squirrel, you can pick it up and pet it and it will start to purr just like a kitten does.

Rocky, they’ve named the squirrel, may go on and grow up always thinking it’s a cat who can just climb trees better than others. It will have to be a pet from this point on.

[Jim Watkins (PET OWNER):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
He’ll never be able to survive on his own at this point on because of the way he’s been raised. We’ll probably wind up with him.

So the circle of adoption goes on and on: cat to squirrel to people, everybody looking out for and accepting the other.

Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr

Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr

Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns To Purr. A baby squirrel fell out of a nest and landed in the yard. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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