Sprint Direct 2 You


Sprint Direct 2 You

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[Sprint Direct 2 You]

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Need a phone now?

Sprint is taking the in-store experience to your front door for free.

With Sprint Direct 2 You, make an appointment and your new phone is brought to you, where, when and how you want it, personalized service, a new phone fast without the trip to a store.

Sprint Direct 2 You revolutionizes the wireless shopping experience.

Sprint is initially offering the service to customers in its hometown Kansas City, who are eligible for an upgrade and intends to expand to more markets during 2015.

Retail trained Direct 2 You experts in Sprint branded vehicles will deliver the phones and set them up, in your home, office or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Just contact us, and we’ll be on our way to deliver at your way. Sprint, creating amazing experiences for our customer’s everyday.

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